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At the Feet of The Mother

The Sons of Darkness, pp. 226-227

Opening Remarks
There are not only forces but beings whose very task is to oppose God. Creating chaos and confusion in the world they help the Night to triumph and disorder to harden into Law. They invoke the powers of darkness to sustain and strengthen them.

Altars of triumphant Night
Adepts of the illusion and the mask,
The artificers of Nature’s fall and pain
Have built their altars of triumphant Night
In the clay temple of terrestrial life.

These beings and forces lodge in matter and build their fortresses there. Adepts in the art of illusion and wearing deceptive masks they occupy the mind of man through which they engineer their fall and suffering. Thus they turn this body which is meant to be a temple of the Divine into a temple for the priests of Night.

The mitred priest
In the vacant precincts of the sacred Fire,
In front of the reredos in the mystic rite
Facing the dim velamen none can pierce,
Intones his solemn hymn the mitred priest
Invoking their dreadful presence in his breast:
Attributing to them the awful Name
He chants the syllables of the magic text
And summons the unseen communion’s act,
While twixt the incense and the muttered prayer
All the fierce bale with which the world is racked
Is mixed in the foaming chalice of man’s heart
And poured to them like sacramental wine.

When the soul retires into the background and the heart falls cold, these forces occupy that once sacred space for their dark sacrifice. Invoking the dark powers of the Abyss they give them divine names. They invoke these powers to satisfy their lust and greed and to fulfil their wrath and hate. Thus they increase these dark elements in human nature and thereby create havoc in the world.

Assuming names divine
Assuming names divine they guide and rule.

Posing themselves as divine beings they rule by fulfilling dark desires and guide humanity on the path of ruin while trying to pass off as divine beings.

Opponents of the Highest
Opponents of the Highest they have come
Out of their world of soulless thought and power
To serve by enmity the cosmic scheme.

Yet they too serve a purpose in God’s vast game whereby often good comes out of evil. Their purpose is to oppose the growing divinity in things but this too is used by the Highest for His inconceivable purpose.

Night is their refuge
Night is their refuge and strategic base.

They refuse surrender to the Divine and prefer surrendering to the Night, taking refuge in the folds of darkness and building their base in Abyss.

Massive forts of gloom
Against the sword of Flame, the luminous Eye,
Bastioned they live in massive forts of gloom,
Calm and secure in sunless privacy:
No wandering ray of Heaven can enter there.

Far from the reach of Light and the Divine powers, they live in a state of perpetual gloom. Darkness and depression, suffering and pain is their daily food. They detest Light since it would mean stepping out of their comfort zone of inertia and making effort towards ascension.

Studio of creative Death
Armoured, protected by their lethal masks,
As in a studio of creative Death
The giant sons of Darkness sit and plan
The drama of the earth, their tragic stage.

Sitting in their dark subconscious realms, protected behind lethal masks of falsehood, the sons of Darkness plan out the tragedies upon earth. They find ingenious ways to inflict suffering and terror and pain upon creation and living beings so that they can satisfy their perverse taste.

Dangerous arches
All who would raise the fallen world must come
Under the dangerous arches of their power;
For even the radiant children of the gods
To darken their privilege is and dreadful right.

All who aspire to make this world a better place, all who are enlisted in the service of the Divine, all who seek to bring Peace and Light and Love to this earth torn with suffering and pain must encounter their resistance. Even the gods must fight out these deceptive and dreadful strategists, a right given to them in the providential scheme of things.

The passage through hell
None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell.

All who aspire for a greater and diviner life must face these monsters one day.

Closing remarks
Just as there are the gods who are forces of light, there are also as their counterpart, forces of darkness. Their wrestle and fight takes place within every human heart. It is through their opposition that the world advances slowly and with much struggle and pain.

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