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At the Feet of The Mother

The Soul’s Choice (SVH 60) Book 11 Canto 1a

Series सावित्रीवेद “Savitri Veda” (in Hindi). 
Book Eleven: The Book of Everlasting Day.
Canto I: The Eternal Day: The Soul’s Choice and the Supreme Consummation.

Death the mask is slain and in its place there emerges the fourfold Being whose glory no vision can describe. It is He who is the One Supreme beyond whom there is none other. It is He who as the Supreme Consciousness and Wisdom initiates creation. It is He who works in the atom and the clod as the intelligent Will. It is He who has built the worlds and determines the movement of the stars. Savitri is now offered a permanent place in the worlds of eternal manifestation where there is neither night nor darkness nor suffering. She can stay here forever with Satyavan. But once again she refuses the offer that leaves earth to its dubious fate. She wants the soul of Satyavan to be her eternal companion upon earth to build perfection here battling against tremendous powers and the stiff resistances and oppositions of earth nature. Her individual victory must be shared by all. Seeing her firm resolve and unshaken determination to save earth and mankind, the Supreme takes away from her even the worlds of shadowless light and meets her in His Highest status where the boon she has asked for earth can be granted. Savitri asks all that would make earth divine and help mankind march towards a divine life. The boons are granted and the ways opened for earth towards a luminous and golden future. The boon of boons, that is to say, of transforming earthly life into life divine is granted and with that Savitri returns to earth holding and guarding the soul of Satyavan as a priceless treasure between her hands.

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