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At the Feet of The Mother

The Soul’s Dwelling Place, p. 523

Opening Remarks
Savitri presses further deep towards the soul’s dwelling place in the depths of the heart.

Silent she moved
As might a shadow walk in a shadowy scene,
A small nought passing through a mightier Nought,
A night of person in a bare outline
Crossing a fathomless impersonal Night,
Silent she moved, empty and absolute.

The world and the ego-self seemed a shadow as if a nought were passing through a mightier Nought. It seemed as if one was a bare outline moving in a night where there was nothing tangible to support. She was crossing silently as if empty and absolute through a fathomless impersonal Night.

Endless Time
In endless Time her soul reached a wide end,
The spaceless Vast became her spirit’s place.

Her soul had reached a wideness where Time seemed endless and space a Vast. This is where her spirit seemed to dwell.

At last a change
At last a change approached, the emptiness broke;
A wave rippled within, the world had stirred;
Once more her inner self became her space.

At last a change drew near and the emptiness gave way to a wave that rippled within and the world began to stir. Once more she found her inner self.

Blissful nearness
There was felt a blissful nearness to the goal;
Heaven leaned low to kiss the sacred hill,
The air trembled with passion and delight.

As she pressed further, Savitri felt a blissful nearness of the soul. Her high climbing aspiration was touched by luminous divine energies descending to surround her. Her life and the atmosphere around her trembled with passion and delight.

Face of Dawn
A rose of splendour on a tree of dreams,
The face of Dawn out of mooned twilight grew.

A light as of Dawn began to emerge out of the twilight world of dreams filled with a rose of splendour and the delight of some mystic moon.

Worshipping silence
Day came, priest of a sacrifice of joy
Into the worshipping silence of her world;
He carried immortal lustre as his robe,
Trailed heaven like a purple scarf and wore
As his vermilion caste-mark a red sun.

The dawn changed into a day filling her worshipping silent world with the joy of sacrifice. This inner illumination was now the priest of sacrifice (replacing the mind). He came and all around grew luminous filled with royalty. The first glimpse of the red sun upon the inner skies of the mind became like the caste mark of the priest.

Imperishable lustre
As if an old remembered dream come true,
She recognised in her prophetic mind
The imperishable lustre of that sky,
The tremulous sweetness of that happy air
And, covered from mind’s view and life’s approach,
The mystic cavern in the sacred hill
And knew the dwelling of her secret soul.

As if an old dream — memory came true she recognised in her inner mind the imperishable lustre of that inner sky and the tremulous sweetness of that divine atmosphere. There, covered from mind’s view and the ways of life she knew the mystic cavern in the depths of the heart, the dwelling place of her secret soul.

Closing Remarks
These are the experiences described as one draws nearer to the soul. There is an inner illumination, a sweetness, a warmth, a calm and silence and felicity.

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