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At the Feet of The Mother

The Story of the Rasa

The story of Sri Krishna is the story of the incarnate Divine who came to show mankind the way to freedom and delight.  The gopas and gopis are His own Divine energies that entered the human play and assumed the human form even as the Lord Himself did so. Together they have placed before man the example of how earth can become a home of Delight if we could dance in perfect alignment with rhythms of the All-Beautiful holding forever the All-Wonderful in our hearts tied with chords of longing and love for the Divine.

The Maharasa is an eternal truth, the truth of the New Creation wherein each and every element, movement, being and forces are fully surrendered to the Divine and have Him rather than our ego at the centre. The ego, whose necessity for a certain stage of human evolution is over, at least in a few. It needs to be dethroned and, in its place, the Divine Presence has to be installed.  This Divine Presence is not the limited sectarian God of religions but the Indwelling Universal Immanent in man whose heart He seeks to convert into a universal chapel of love and delight released from all distortions and narrowness and perversity. It is He who dwells within all creatures and draws all by His call of the flute. Krishna means the supreme attractor which He indeed is as He attracts us by whatever form or aspect we have faith in. It is around Him that all our nature dances, for His delight, to please Him, to adore Him who alone lives and loves all. Yet our past habits and the falsifying ego-self along with the ignorant mind distort our steps. It is only when all the movements and energies of our nature are aligned to Him that the dance of creation can become truly delightful and not painful or even cruel as it now seems to be.

Radha is the power of perfect surrender who comes to teach us how to completely renounce the ego and live only for the Divine and thereby live always in the Divine and by the Divine. She represents the spirit of perfect surrender, that which our soul knows. The gopas and gopis who embody different form of vital and mental movements learn this perfect surrender from Radha and giving themselves completely to the Divine with complete trust and sincerity they are disrobed of the coarse dress of virtue and vice and given the new apparel of oneness with the Lord. When this happens then the Ras takes place upon earth, a symbol and replica of the rapturous Maharasa in the eternal Vrindavan, the playfield of the Lord.

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