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At the Feet of The Mother

The Subconscient


Subconscient and material are parts of the lower nature.

The subconscient is the basis of conservation.

There is a general violent resistance by the vital in the sadhaks against change, a resistance for which there is no true reason except the subconscient unwillingness to alter the obscure foundations of human character.

Whatever may be the case with the general Nature, why has my vital opened itself so much to sensitiveness, resistance and gloom?

It has become like that with most because the subconscient root of these things has been reached, — being subconscient it is not dependent on reasons or causes but inherent in the habit of Nature and it keeps no measure or proportion but is vehement beyond measure whenever the slightest pressure comes upon it.

How are we to come out from the subconscient root?

By standing back from it and refusing to be made its instrument of the subconscient nature, — by a persistent will to live in the inner consciousness and live not for ego but for the Divine.

How is it that the “subconscient root” has been reached while the purification of the vital is still to be completed?

The descent into the subconscient was a necessity of the general sadhana, i.e. of the Divine Work. That descent could not be held up till everybody had conquered his vital nature or till you personally had done so.

What “Divine Work” is referred to here?

The work of the Yoga which includes the preparation for the Supermind. There is no other divine Work being done here, so the question as to what work has no meaning.

When I asked how the violent resistance in the general nature came about, you answered, “Through the weakness and egoism of the sadhaks.” Up to now, how did they restrain these defects?

They did not, but it is now made worse by the subconscient forces moving the egoism and weakness.

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