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At the Feet of The Mother

The Subconscient

The subconscient is to be emptied in the course of the sadhana and not filled up with new things. But I see that I have been filling it every day! Does it not mean that I have been dealing with these things in such a way that they are getting stored there?

All that one does and thinks leaves its trace in the subconscient.

At a certain stage of the sadhana it is usual that the subconscient becomes the main source of trouble. It becomes freely active and releases all its stored up stuff for realising it. A sadhak sees all his past life before him as if on a cinema screen. And if he is not sufficiently vigilant he may take all that as real and vivid.

Yes, that happens.

The thoughts, desires etc. go down into the subconscient when rejected from the conscious parts. Then they gather force and stay there as if in their own home. It is very difficult to dismiss them from there. Is that correct?

It is not so with all — with some it happens like that, others pass away without getting a hold.

Is it true that the nearer the descent of the Supermind the greater will be the difficulties of those in whom it is to come down first?

It is true, unless they are so surrendered to the Mother, so psychic, plastic, free from ego that the difficulties are spared to them.

An Ashramite says that at present the Mother and you have started to send us down into the lower nature (for the purpose of transformation). Is it true?

We are sending nobody nowhere. The sadhana itself has come down into the depth of the physical and subconscient to make them open to what has to come down from above. That is all.

Since the vital has consented to change can we not take up the subconscient now?

It makes it more possible but the subconscient has a resistance of its own which must be overcome.

Why is the subconscient so active during my sleep while it tends to be quiet during the day?

What else can it do, if it can’t be active by day? The dream consciousness is its normal field.

Getting up from sleep early in the morning, tamas rushes up everywhere. It is so difficult to get back to my usual state of consciousness. You might say that this is a normal result of sleep. But have we not decided to break down all the old usual and ‘natural’ habits?

Certainly, but the usual and natural have a great habit of recurring — even when they are not wanted.

The subconscient inertia is rising more and more every hour. It has enveloped almost all my active or conscious parts.

Keep the knowledge secure — do not allow that to be clouded.

Forgive me if this subject is repeated once more. I notice that all my difficulties seem to be massed together in the subconscient. I see no way out.

The subconscient difficulty is the difficulty now — because the whole struggle in the general sadhana is now there. It is in the subconscient, no longer in the vital or conscious physical that the resistance is all massed together.

The subconscient is throwing its dirt on many parts of the being. Is it because a detachment from the mind itself is necessary that the difficulty seems greater than that of vital and physical activities?

Certainly, without detachment from the mind that movement would be difficult to get rid of.

The outer parts of my being that were protesting and resisting all the time have now started to help me on the path. Even the body consciousness observed a silence during the whole morning.

The same must happen with the subconscient.

The subconscient is still very active and takes more space in my consciousness than ever before. I suppose that is due to the Mother’s higher light which presses on it more and more for change. But it does not seem to accept the change so easily as other parts have done. Perhaps it is waiting for some more hammer strokes.

The other parts or at least some of them were also very recalcitrant before. They yielded afterwards easily because of the long work done on them. It is now the subconscient that is going through the same process.

Still from 1 to 4 p.m. the subconscient does not respond to the Mother’s pressure.

It is a difficulty of adaptation which will be overcome in time.

The subconscient’s resistance has begun to affect the physical itself which it had not done up to now. It imposes its conditions on the body. Would you kindly make the matter clearer.

There is nothing to make clearer. It is simply that the force of the subconscient tamas has increased as the physical consciousness accepted it. That was what I had said already.

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