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At the Feet of The Mother

The Supramental Transformation and the Sadhana

Meaning by sadhana a methodized effort towards the Divine Perfection, the necessity of personal effort in sadhana diminishes as we progress in surrender and the Divine Mother takes charge of our life and breath and speech and act. Then it is She who does the sadhana in us and all that is needed is to remain open towards Her. In any case this is the secret truth behind all effort in sadhana. It is Her Forces and Grace that gives us the aspiration, the inspiration, the will and all that is needed for personal effort since thus alone we become ready to receive Her transforming power of Love. In other words personal effort reduces to a minimum even before the supramentalisation. What is true however is that until the intended transformation takes place, especially of the outer being, the external personality so to say, one has to remain vigilant.

The last step is intimately connected with the collective progress and as our individual consciousness expands and widens our individual sadhana changes into a collective yoga. This means that each individual who reaches this state becomes a representative of a larger cosmic problem which he takes into himself for the Divine to solve it. His sadhana therefore is no more individual but done for the collective. What is done in him benefits others. We may call it sadhana but it is much more of the nature of the Divine working within a conscious adhara. This is very different from the kind of effort needed when the individual unconscious of his soul and the true self and the Divine Presence within is struggling with personal effort. Though at one level it means taking upon oneself a much greater difficulty and burden of others, yet such a conscious being has his doors open and can at any time enter through these doors into the peace and bliss of the Infinite. One may use the word sadhana at this stage but one is more and more conscious of Her workings and hence the sense of personal effort is hardly there. One may say in a way that such a person is then engaged with the sadhana for the earth and humanity.

The Divine is infinite and His unfolding is also infinite, so even after the supramental transformation is completed, the process of Divine Manifestation will continue towards still greater and greater divine possibilities such as the free play of the now secret Ananda and Love, and not as it is concealed and distorted now. However the big difference then would be that as a consequence of the supramental change there will be no more struggle and the efflorescence will be spontaneous and effortless. The struggle and the effort that is needed now is because of the fundamental ignorance that governs earth nature and surrounds our lives. Further to this is the distorting influence of the Inconscient that governs the mind and lives of men. The ego completes the picture shutting us into ignorant ideas and small aims and narrow lives. The result is a painful effort towards manifestation. This will obviously cease as men grow free from the ego and desire self and live by the Divine and for the Divine. The progress will continue and the unfolding of the Divine as well but effortlessly, painlessly from freedom to greater freedom, from light to greater light, from joy to greater joy.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.