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At the Feet of The Mother

The Synthesis of Vedanta and Tantra in the Integral Yoga (TH 012)

Taking the truth of Vedanta as its base, Sri Aurobindo reveals us the Truth of future and the way of its manifestation.

The whole creation is created by Ananda, dwelling in Ananda and proceeding towards Ananda. The way of Vedanta is to arrive at Knowledge by drawing oneself into the awareness of the Supreme Purusha. The way of Tantra leads us to Ananda through worship of Divine Power. We have to arrive at the aim of Tantra through the method of Vedanta and realize the delight of the Divine in the essence as well as in the manifestation.

Recorded in 2009.

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Hypnotism is a form — a form modernised in its expression — of occultism; a very limited, very small form of a very tiny power compared with occult power.