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At the Feet of The Mother

The Tipping Point

In a certain philosophical and yet not only philosophical sense I can say that this will end when man has learnt his lessons. Indeed, Nature is teaching a lesson to man and also training him despite his resistance. It is teaching him to be humble, to respect nature in her totality, to be kind to all creatures who co-inhabit this planet, to shed his instincts of fighting against each other, and the countless insincerity that we carry within us individually and collectively. The virus and the illness is just an occasion. In fact, it is nothing but an Asuric illusion created by our own Asuric tendencies that have fed the beings of darkness. Now they hold us captive as puppets dancing to their tune of fear and panic which they further feed upon making things worse and look worse than they actually may be. Their purpose is to spread gloom and doubt and distrust.

Yet in the end the Divine will and in fact is using everything for His great purpose of human evolution.  Watch the growing silence upon earth. It is not any ominous silence but the quietude one feels in the atmosphere due to the absence of human noise and its hurrying feet. Watch the time given to man to reflect and reconsider and reorient his life. Watch the sliver of a ray of compassion and sympathy joining the earth in the heart rather than through common market interests and seeking for pleasure.

In a certain sense this whole virus affair is segregating humanity into at least two distinct parts. One that will introspect through this crisis and eventually emerge stronger and wiser. Another that will only end up with more and more fear and panic and loose the opportunity of reorienting its life. When the crisis is over it will go back to its old ways until the next crisis comes. As you know it is the Hour of God and the hammering of humanity has begun quite some time back. it is only going to become more and more fierce and intense with passage of time, until we face a situation resembling but not actually leading to the apocalypse. The question to be asked therefore is are we able to learn our lesson. Will this mild tremor help us change, or we need more violent shake-ups?

My personal impression is that this virus has already prolonged beyond its allotted time because we have reacted with much fear and panic. It is a giant wave but one that would have passed over us by now. But compounded by waves of our insecurities and fears it will take time to subside. In a way it depends upon us. If we can remain quiet and go about our life with trust in the Divine then all will be well much sooner than we can imagine, but to expect that from humanity that hardly even knows anything beyond the god of religions it is a near impossible feat. Hence it is left to those who are ready to be a force multiplier for trust and hope and peace, and hopefully their positive energy will impact the others at some point and cause the balance tip over for good in favour of man. That tipping point may be much nearer than we think. Let us see.


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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.