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At the Feet of The Mother

The Titan’s Inventions, pp. 512-513

Opening Remarks
Everything that the Titanic power touches is meant for his purpose of aggrandising and expanding his empire of the ego.

To slay
I have found the atoms from which he built the worlds:
The first tremendous cosmic energy
Missioned shall leap to slay my enemy kin,
Expunge a nation or abolish a race,
Death’s silence leave where there was laughter and joy.

The Titan discovers the powers and constituent elements of nature such as the atoms, the basis of material universe and turns it to the purpose of slaying his enemies through its devastating energy. He is ready to expunge a nation or abolish a race and leave Death’s ominous silence where once was laughter and joy.

Fissured invisible
Or the fissured invisible shall spend God’s force
To extend my comforts and expand my wealth,
To speed my car which now the lightnings drive
And turn the engines of my miracles.

He breaks the atoms and releases the invisible force locked within it to gather means for his comfort and expand his wealth and fiefdom, to speed up his cars and to run the engines of his vehicles that seem no less than miracles.

Do greater wonder
I will take his means of sorcery from his hands
And do with them greater wonders than his best.

The Titan hopes to snatch away the magical powers of the Creator and perform greater wonders than what he could or would ever do.

Balanced thought
Yet through it all I have kept my balanced thought;
I have studied my being, I have examined the world,
I have grown a master of the arts of life.

Yet through all this the Titan believes that he has kept his thought in balance by undertaking a study of his own being and the world. He has mastered not only the science but also the art of life.

Tamed the wild beast
I have tamed the wild beast, trained to be my friend;
He guards my house, looks up waiting my will.

He has tamed and trained the wild beast to guard his house and obey his command.

Taught others to serve
I have taught my kind to serve and to obey.

The Titan makes everyone including fellow human beings to serve and obey his will.

Cosmic field
I have used the mystery of the cosmic waves
To see far distance and to hear far words;
I have conquered Space and knitted close all earth.

He learns the mystery of the cosmic waves to device instruments to see and hear from afar. He conquers Space and knits the earth close through a web of cosmic energies.

Secrets of the Mind
Soon I shall know the secrets of the Mind;
I play with knowledge and with ignorance
And sin and virtue my inventions are
I can transcend or sovereignly use.

He hopes to learn soon the secrets of the Mind and play with knowledge and ignorance. He invents sin and virtue to reward and punish, to use them as a sovereign would or transcend them as he pleases.

Seize occult powers
I shall know mystic truths, seize occult powers.

He hopes to know mystic truths to seize occult powers.

Occult powers
I shall slay my enemies with a look or thought,
I shall sense the unspoken feelings of all hearts
And see and hear the hidden thoughts of men.

He hopes to slay his enemies with a look or thought using occult powers. He hopes to sense the unspoken feelings and see and hear the hidden thoughts of men.

Omnipotence and omniscience
When earth is mastered, I shall conquer heaven;
The gods shall be my aides or menial folk,
No wish I harbour unfulfilled shall die:
Omnipotence and omniscience shall be mine.”

When he has mastered earth, he longs to conquer heaven. He would want to make the gods as his aides and menials to serve him. He shall fulfil all his wishes by developing the omnipotence and omniscience of God.

Closing Remarks
The Titan uses everything human and divine to serve his selfish purposes, the aggrandise his ego and expand his ambition and comforts.

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