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At the Feet of The Mother

The Tranquil Light, pp. 532-533

Opening Remarks
Savitri has undergone an inner transformation that is now reflected in her atmosphere and the world around seems to reflect her inner state.

A Calm Slow Sun
A calm slow sun looked down from tranquil heavens.

The sun slowly rose in the sky bringing the tranquility of the higher worlds.

Rapture of its smile
A routed sullen rearguard of retreat,
The last rains had fled murmuring across the woods
Or failed, a sibilant whisper mid the leaves,
And the great blue enchantment of the sky
Recovered the deep rapture of its smile.

The rains had fled leaving a murmur across the woods or simply a gentle occasional low whisper and a hissing sound mid the leaves. The great blue sky was enchanting and smiled again with a deep rapture.

Mellow splendour
Its mellow splendour unstressed by storm-licked heats
Found room for a luxury of warm mild days,
The night’s gold treasure of autumnal moons
Came floating shipped through ripples of faery air.

The weather was mild and gentle as the heat-storms had not yet started. The days were warm and mild giving the sense of luxurious ease. The autumn nights were charming with the golden moon as it came floating through magical ripples in the air.

Glad and fulfilled
And Savitri’s life was glad, fulfilled like earth’s;
She had found herself, she knew her being’s aim.

Savitri was glad and fulfilled as the earth. She had found herself and knew her being’s aims.

Lived at ease
Although her kingdom of marvellous change within
Remained unspoken in her secret breast,
All that lived round her felt its magic’s charm:
The trees’ rustling voices told it to the winds,
Flowers spoke in ardent hues an unknown joy,
The birds’ carolling became a canticle,
The beasts forgot their strife and lived at ease.

Savitri did not share with anyone the marvellous change within her heart. Yet all that lived around her felt the magic charm. The trees felt and the winds whispered it. Flowers revealed it through ardent hues that filled the heart with an unknown joy. The carol of the birds seemed a hymn and the beasts forgot their strife and lived with friendly ease.

Sudden greatening
Absorbed in wide communion with the Unseen
The mild ascetics of the wood received
A sudden greatening of their lonely muse.

Absorbed in wide communion with the Unseen the ascetics in the woods felt a sudden greatening of their meditative state by the presence of Savitri.

Bright perfection
This bright perfection of her inner state
Poured overflowing into her outward scene,
Made beautiful dull common natural things
And action wonderful and time divine.

The bright perfection of Savitri’s inner state poured all around in the outer scenes and circumstances making common and usually dull things in material nature seem beautiful and all actions wonderful and the passage of time and the unfolding of events divine.

Service to the One in each and all
Even the smallest meanest work became
A sweet or glad and glorious sacrament,
An offering to the self of the great world
Or a service to the One in each and all.

Even the smallest work touched by the psychic became a sweet and glad and glorious sacrament, an offering to the Self of the world or a service to the One Divine in each and all.

When she drew near
A light invaded all from her being’s light;
Her heart-beats’ dance communicated bliss:
Happiness grew happier, shared with her, by her touch
And grief some solace found when she drew near.

A light invaded from her being’s and the rhythms of her heart-beats communicated bliss. Happiness grew happier when shared with her and receiving her touch. Grief was solaced when she drew near.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see described Savitri’s beautiful inner state as a result of her psycho-spiritual change.

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