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At the Feet of The Mother

The Transcendent’s Decree, pp. 321-322

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now awaits the Transcendent’s decree. He has already reached the doors from where none returns. He already had a glimpse of the Divine Mother. All his nature is now a vast and pregnant stillness as before the birth of the worlds.

Nature on her spiritual couch
There Nature on her dumb spiritual couch
Immutably transcendent knows her source
And to the stir of multitudinous worlds
Assents unmoved in a perpetual calm.

In this high realm Nature is fully conscious that she has emerged from the Spirit. It is where she can rest without movement or activity aware of her transcendent source. It is here, in this ultimate calm, that the ascent is given to the stir of multitudinous worlds. Nature is withdrawn into her Source so to say. She is not separate and distinct from her Lord as it seems here. In that reaam one sees the origin of Nature itself is from the Lord. In the realm of Truth they are seen as one.

An Eye immense
All-causing, all-sustaining and aloof,
The Witness looks from his unshaken poise,
An Eye immense regarding all things done.

The secret cause and support of all yet aloof and a witness sole like an immense Eye extended in the vast sky, the Transcendent looked upon creation. It is that poise of the Spirit in which it passively looks upon creation, withdrawn from all things and yet as if sanctioning all things.

All-seeing One
Apart, at peace above creation’s stir,
Immersed in the eternal altitudes,
He abode defended in his shoreless self,
Companioned only by the all-seeing One.

Immersed in eternal peace He abode in the house of Infinity, alone, companioned only by the all-seeing One.

Sessions of Infinity
A Mind too mighty to be bound by Thought,
A Life too boundless for the play in Space,
A Soul without borders unconvinced of Time,
He felt the extinction of the world’s long pain,
He became the unborn Self that never dies,
He joined the sessions of Infinity.

Aswapati’s mind and life have grown boundless beyond thought in that realm. His soul has discovered the infinite expanse beyond limits or measures of time. The labour of the worlds and its pain is extinct in his heart as he discovered the unborn Self that never dies. He is now a conscious participant in the cosmic yajna that decides the fate of the worlds.

Primal loneliness
On the cosmic murmur primal loneliness fell,
Annulled was the contact formed with time-born things,
Empty grew Nature’s wide community.

The cosmic stir and murmur was at rest. It is the state before the first stir f creation begins. The primal loneliness was felt and the contact with time-born things was annulled.

Formless seed
All things were brought back to their formless seed,
The world was silent for a cyclic hour.

All things that took a form were brought back to their formless state. The world was silent without form and movement.

Cessation of a dream
Although the afflicted Nature he had left
Maintained beneath him her broad numberless fields,
Her enormous act, receding, failed remote
As if a soulless dream at last had ceased.

Although Nature continued in its round of activities below, her acts reached not and touched not his soul that had as if awakened from a dream at last. This is the state in which the world and creation may well seem a dream that has somehow come to be. Yet as we see here it has all emerged from Him and returns back to Him.

No voice came down
No voice came down from the high Silences,
None answered from her desolate solitudes.

The high Silences were mute in their desolate solitudes. No voice came down and none answered to his soul.

Stillness of cessation
A stillness of cessation reigned, the wide
Immortal hush before the gods are born;
A universal Force awaited, mute,
The veiled Transcendent’s ultimate decree.

All has now ceased in a stillness.

Closing Remarks
This is the state in which Aswapati is stationed now, a state of absolute and almighty stillness, the silence of utter solitude, the One Infinite that is yet to stir and bring forth the worlds.

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