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At the Feet of The Mother

The Transmutation, pp. 231-232

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now has the key to the change, the key that was lost in the Inconscient depths of creation. He has found that and now knows what creation is all about and its inevitable destiny.

Shattered the stereotypes of Ignorance
Then in Illusion’s occult factory
And in the Inconscient’s magic printing-house
Torn were the formats of the primal Night
And shattered the stereotypes of Ignorance.

With the power of his soul Aswapati carried into the cave of Darkness, the illusions created by this dark Asuric Maya were shattered releasing the truth within them. The forms and laws of the primal Night were torn away by the Light of Truth within him.

Tortured shape
Alive, breathing a deep spiritual breath,
Nature expunged her stiff mechanical code
And the articles of the bound soul’s contract,
Falsehood gave back to Truth her tortured shape.

Falsehood creates illusions by misusing and perverting truths. It twists and distorts it creating fixed rigid dogmas out its vast infinity. Once again Aswapati drew the pure spiritual force and felt his soul released from the dense darkness in which it had deliberately plunged itself.

Annulled the law of Pain
Annulled were the tables of the law of Pain,
And in their place grew luminous characters.

The law of Pain that afflicts all creatures has not emerged from the Divine. The Lord wants us to be free and happy but the actions of Falsehood distorts the straight response of our members giving birth to evil, suffering and pain. His Power can remove this dark illusion and once again put us on the straight and sunlit path of the soul.

The skilful Penman
The skilful Penman’s unseen finger wrote
His swift intuitive calligraphy;
Earth’s forms were made his divine documents,
The wisdom embodied mind could not reveal,
Inconscience chased from the world’s voiceless breast;
Transfigured were the fixed schemes of reasoning Thought.

Then Aswapati witnessed the birth of a New Light amidst this darkness. A deep intuition hid even in the core of darkness revealed itself working in matter. Behind this apparently meaningless creation stood a vast sense held by the Wisdom working in the depths of creation. Our mind cannot surmise this wisdom Our reason must undergo a transmutation from the fixity of human reason to the infinite plasticity of Divine Reason to understand the ways of this Wisdom.

Message of the superconscient Fire
Arousing consciousness in things inert,
He imposed upon dark atom and dumb mass
The diamond script of the Imperishable,
Inscribed on the dim heart of fallen things
A paean-song of the free Infinite
And the Name, foundation of eternity,
And traced on the awake exultant cells
In the ideographs of the Ineffable
The lyric of the love that waits through Time
And the mystic volume of the Book of Bliss
And the message of the superconscient Fire.

This Light of Truth hidden in the Inconscient was working from within to slowly awaken matter to the Glory of the Spirit. It was the rhythm of the Spirit, the Veda secret within the heart of creation that it was unfolding through the long passage of Time. Within, behind all things was the Great Name, the original Divine Vibration that resounded in the depths of matter and of the cells awakening it the Divine Love working in the Abyss to pull all things towards the Light and Truth and Bliss. He read this original Veda, the story of eternal Love and book of Bliss found lying in the Inconscient. Opening this hidden book covered with the dust of centuries he discovered the original message, the intent of God in creation.

Closing Remarks
Thus Aswapati conquered the heart of Night and found the secrets of the Abyss. Thence he discovered the Wisdom working in the mask of Ignorance and the key to Nature’s change.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.