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At the Feet of The Mother

The True Objective of Life (TH 063)

There are two perspectives of life, from the view point of the ego-self and from the perspective of the soul. Whatever limits us, divides us is not the way worth following. Whatever takes us towards truth, beauty, harmony and perfection is the desirable way. Every being is a part of the whole; every being has to grow towards the perfection of nature and life. Yoga is to be conscious about this aim and work for this fulfillment. The psychic takes essential experience from each experience of life. Generally human beings live for a long time unconsciously without any focus on the real purpose of life. But a time comes when he slowly gets awakened and tries to be conscious about the happenings of life. Initially we start in a very narrow way but as the consciousness expands, we look at the problem in a new way and solve it. Classical yogas divide the creation into time and timeless, manifestation and the Unmanifest. Sri Aurobindo’s yoga tries to manifest the Timelessness in the frame of time.

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