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At the Feet of The Mother

The Truth We seek

On the surface of life where different thought-currents, waves of feelings, crisscrosses of impulses and passions drive us, we can hardly glimpse Truth even though It is there even as it is everywhere. Here the action and workings of Truth are mixed with many forces of Ignorance and are very difficult to discern. What we have here are semblances of truth, its distortions and imitations, at best its broken and obscure reflections and not the Truth in its own true Light.

Therefore the first truth we must discover is that the Truth we seek dwells within our soul. So leaving behind the restless activities of the mind one must be one-pointed in this pursuit of Truth within. Until we have found the soul within all other truths that seek entrance to our heart and mind must be regarded as provisional and not final. They are a means given to us to discover our soul provided we take the right attitude towards all the events and circumstances of life, the attitude of surrender / offering and equanimity and trust in the Divine and a constant aspiration burning within regardless of whatever happens.

The second truth we must discover is that Truth is beyond the realms of the human Mind. This discovery is not easy at all but it is enough if we can make an opening above into the realms of a higher spiritual consciousness by quietening the mind and its restless activities. Aspiration, calling Peace, meditation, Japa of Her Name are the means to do so.

The third and the most difficult is to look upon each and every detail and aspect of life from the eye of the Lord and act and will in tune with this Truth that we are discovering within us. It means a progressive tuning and re-tuning and attuning of all the different parts of our nature to the Divine Will in us.  This process is long and continues throughout life. One needs a lot of endurance and perseverance and courage and faith to do this. But with the growth of sincerity and devotion and a constant invocation of Her Grace this does happen, and life begins to change and take a beautiful turn, not necessarily according to our preferences and wishes but according to another vision and power that we cannot comprehend in the beginning since It works with a global vision as if all our life and lives were before IT like an open book.

We should be careful not to define Truth into our limited mental formulas of life. The Truth is infinite and beyond any definition. It is to be lived and if we aspire for It then it begins to reveal Itself. Also we must know that Truth is one aspect of the Lord and there are other important aspects also, such as Peace, Harmony, Wideness, Light, Love that are perhaps easier to touch.

But the Lord exceeds all these aspects, so the simplest thing is to hold on to Her and to let Her hold us. That is the great secret. The more we lean upon Her Grace the easier it will become. If we can do it then all the rest is done for us in Her own way and time.

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