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At the Feet of The Mother

The Unfulfilled Quest, pp. 384-385

Opening Remarks
Savitri continues to journey in search of her ideal partner and mate. Not even among these great and high types of humanity is she able to find him who would share the burden of the Divine Work she is born to accomplish.

The golden virgin
As floats a sunbeam through a shady place,
The golden virgin in her carven car
Came gliding among meditation’s seats.

The daughter of the sun ever untouched with polluting thoughts went through these quiet founts of knowledge as a sunbeam moving through shaded places.

Patient muse and potent prayer
Often in twilight mid returning troops
Of cattle thickening with their dust the shades
When the loud day had slipped below the verge,
Arriving in a peaceful hermit grove
She rested drawing round her like a cloak
Its spirit of patient muse and potent prayer.

As evening would slowly fall and the cattle would return back to their home, Savitri would arrive at a hermit grove and enter a state of deep reflection and prayer.

Templed air’s serene repose
Or near to a lion river’s tawny mane
And trees that worshipped on a praying shore,
A domed and templed air’s serene repose
Beckoned to her hurrying wheels to stay their speed.

Sometimes she would stay close to the origin of a mighty river surrounded with trees that seemed as if in prayer. A temple with its serene atmosphere would draw her near. She would stay the chariot in such serene spaces and rest a while.

Kinship of eternal calm
In the solemnity of a space that seemed
A mind remembering ancient silences,
Where to the heart great bygone voices called
And the large liberty of brooding seers
Had left the long impress of their soul’s scene,
Awake in candid dawn or darkness mooned,
To the still touch inclined the daughter of Flame
Drank in hushed splendour between tranquil lids
And felt the kinship of eternal calm.

These spaces filled with memories from the ancient past were imprinted with the consciousness of seers and the heart’s search and the soul’s experiences. Savitri naturally preferred such spaces which were filled with calm. Here she would sleep between the night and the dawn drinking deep of the hushed splendour and tranquility.

Orbit of her life
But morn broke in reminding her of her quest
And from low rustic couch or mat she rose
And went impelled on her unfinished way
And followed the fateful orbit of her life
Like a desire that questions silent gods
Then passes starlike to some bright Beyond.

But even these spaces would not hold her long. Mornings would remind her of her quest and rising from her rustic couch she would go impelled towards her unfinished task of finding the partner of her soul. As a desire questioning gods that do not seem to heed it she passed onwards s a star towards brighter fields.

Closing Remarks
Thus Savitri continues her journey towards the destined face.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.