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At the Feet of The Mother

The union of Knowledge and Power, pp. 125-126

Opening Remarks
In our world, Knowledge and Power, Idea and Force, Vision and Will are often divorced from each other. But there, in those high worlds, Aswapati witnesses the union of the two sides of One Existence.

The grand Illuminate and the gleaming limbs
There were realms where Knowledge joined creative Power
In her high home and made her all his own:
The grand Illuminate seized her gleaming limbs
And filled them with the passion of his ray
Till all her body was its transparent house
And all her soul a counterpart of his soul.

In the Supermind we see a perfect and harmonious union of Knowledge and creative Power, in other words a complete identification of the static and dynamic sides of the One Reality, the Iswara and His Shakti. It is here that we find the ultimate mystery of Life. Here it includes all things and the entire creation in its scope and vast embrace. Here all aspects and movements of Life are filled with the Supramental Light. The great and wonderful Goddess is seen here as a transparent vessel of the Divine Force filling her with a divine enthusiasm and making her one with her Creator. Such is the great vision of the mighty Goddess in her Supramental Home of Truth.

The luminous sacrifice
Apotheosised, transfigured by wisdom’s touch,
Her days became a luminous sacrifice;
An immortal moth in happy and endless fire,
She burned in his sweet intolerable blaze.

Receiving all creation into her, she offers all to the Lord within. In return she receives the Lord’s transfiguring touch, the touch of Wisdom and Truth. Thus all becomes a ceaseless sacrifice, a constant pouring in of the Lord and His sweetness and intolerable joy upon her.

The mystic wedding
A captive Life wedded her conqueror.

In a marvelous expression, Sri Aurobindo speaks here of life that has been completely given to the Divine who accepts the offering and lays His Hand of Light and the transfiguring embrace of Love in a union growing ever more delightful.

A New way of life
In his wide sky she built her world anew;
She gave to mind’s calm pace the motor’s speed,
To thinking a need to live what the soul saw,
To living an impetus to know and see.

Our ordinary life moves within a small and narrow turbulent roads. But with the touch of the Supramental Divine, our present divided existence where knowledge and will are divorced as it were begin to draw closer and fulfill each other in a new harmony.

The living body of his will
His splendour grasped her, her puissance to him clung;
She crowned the Idea a king in purple robes,
Put her magic serpent sceptre in Thought’s grip,
Made forms his inward vision’s rhythmic shapes
And her acts the living body of his will.

In this high realm Wisdom governs the rhythm of life and rules by the power of the Idea. Life willingly obeys the reign of Truth and becomes one with the Splendour that rules upon her. Even the forms of these worlds obeys the Idea and reveals the will and wisdom in its rhythms and motions.

A centaur’s mighty gallop
A flaming thunder, a creator flash,
His victor Light rode on her deathless Force;
A centaur’s mighty gallop bore the god.

Life was revealed there as a creative light and luminous force, divinely mighty and strong in its movements, pushed and moved by Wisdom riding over its deathless force.

A double majesty
Life throned with mind, a double majesty.

Life in these realms shares her throne with Mind, both touching their highest peaks of divine realities.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see here a wonderful union of the Idea and Force, of Knowledge and Power. It is a realm of divine Unity, a realm of where Wisdom and Will meet and become one.

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