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At the Feet of The Mother

The Victory Shall Be Won, pp. 450-451

Opening Remarks
The task undertaken by the World-redeemer, however long it may take, is bound to eventually succeed whatever difficulties and oppositions may come in the way.

All contraries heal
Into the eternal Light he shall emerge
On borders of the meeting of all worlds;
There on the verge of Nature’s summit steps
The secret Law of each thing is fulfilled,
All contraries heal their long dissidence.

The oppositions to the work, the contrary forces whose war fathers the universe shall be healed one day. The eternal Light shall shine upon human life where the two hemispheres meet on the borders of the Supermind where all the worlds meet. There, at the apex of creation, the secret Law of each thing is fulfilled and the differences healed and harmony and truth govern all life.

There meet and clasp
There meet and clasp the eternal opposites,
There pain becomes a violent fiery joy;
Evil turns back to its original good,
And sorrow lies upon the breasts of Bliss:
She has learned to weep glad tears of happiness;
Her gaze is charged with a wistful ecstasy.

In the Supermind all harmony is healed as opposites clasp and pain is transformed into a fiery joy. There Evil turns to its original good and sorrow rests in the lap of Bliss. Her tears of sorrow turn to glad tears of happiness and her gaze is charged with ecstasy.

The end of Law of Pain
Then shall be ended here the Law of Pain.

Then there shall end the law of pain.

Home of Heaven’s light
Awaking its silence to immortal thoughts,
Earth shall be made a home of Heaven’s light,
A seer heaven-born shall lodge in human breasts;
The superconscient beam shall touch men’s eyes
And the truth-conscious world come down to earth
Invading Matter with the Spirit’s ray,
Awaking the dumb heart to the living Word.

Earth shall awaken to immortal thoughts. Earth shall be made a home of Heaven’s light and the half blind ignorant mind and heart of man awake to the seer vision. Our mortal eyes shall be touched by the superconscient beam and the truth-conscious supermind come down to earth invading Matter with the glory of the Spirit, awaking the dumb heart to the living Word, the creative rhythm and power of the New Creation.

The body’s self
This mortal life shall house Eternity’s bliss,
The body’s self taste immortality.

This mortal suffering life shall house the bliss of the Eternal. The very body shall taste the nectar of immortality.

World-redeemer’s task
Then shall the world-redeemer’s task be done.

When the Supermind descends upon earth, then shall the World-redeemer’s task be completed.

Closing Remarks
It is only with the progressive transformation of earthly life with the descent of the Supermind that the work undertaken by the Avatars will be completed and the earth and mankind fulfil their divine destiny.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.