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At the Feet of The Mother

The Vision Wonderful, pp. 334-335

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now beholds the vision wonderful as the form and face of the Divine Mother draws near and enters his surrendered heart. She now speaks to him.

A mighty Face and immortal words
The One he worshipped was within him now:
Flame-pure, ethereal-tressed, a mighty Face
Appeared and lips moved by immortal words;
Lids, Wisdom’s leaves, drooped over rapture’s orbs.

The Divine Mother draws close to Aswapati and enters him. His awakened sight meets Her mighty Face, flame – pure, ethereal – tressed Wisdom’s lids drooping over orbs of rapture. Her lips moved and spoke to him immortal words.

A marble monument
A marble monument of ponderings, shone
A forehead, sight’s crypt, and large like ocean’s gaze
Towards Heaven, two tranquil eyes of boundless thought
Looked into man’s and saw the god to come.

She appeared a marble monument, pure and still and strong, Her forehead shining and her two tranquil eyes of boundless thought released the sight, that large like ocean’s gaze beheld the Heaven and at the same time looked upon the worm and saw the god to come. Nothing was left concealed. All was revealed that in triple time could be and beyond.

Absolute and wise
A Shape was seen on threshold Mind, a Voice
Absolute and wise in the heart’s chambers spoke:
“O Son of Strength who climbst creation’s peaks,
No soul is thy companion in the light;
Alone thou standest at the eternal doors.

Her Divine Form appeared upon the last borders of the threshold mind where the formless is revealed as form. and a voice Absolute and wise spoke to his heart. The voice addressed him as the Son of Strength since it is by the power of his tapasya that Aswapati has climbed to the highest peaks. The Divine Mother reminds him that no one has ever been able to come this far. Though he has come seeking redemption for earth and men no one has accompanied him. He is alone in his aspiration.

What thou hast won
What thou hast won is thine, but ask no more.

The Divine Mother is willing to grant any boon that he may ask but She knows that he is carrying with him the aspiration of the earth. Hence She also cautions him not to ask anything more, that is to say, for earth and men.

How shalt thou speak for earth and men
O Spirit aspiring in an ignorant frame,
O Voice arisen from the Inconscient’s world,
How shalt thou speak for men whose hearts are dumb,
Make purblind earth the soul’s seer-vision’s home
Or lighten the burden of the senseless globe?

The Divine Mother addresses Aswapati again as the Spirit aspiring in an ignorant frame. The bodily substance of man is not ready even though his soul may soar high. Aswapati represents the anguish and the aspiration of man for this world to become divine. But does humanity want it to be so? The earth is still too ignorant and blind to be able to embody the seer-vision. Aswapati has come to lighten the burden of the earth but is the earth ready to receive what he is asking for?

I am the Mystery
I am the Mystery beyond reach of mind,
I am the goal of the travail of the suns;
My fire and sweetness are the cause of life.

Yes She is the supreme Mystery beyond the reach of the mind. She is the goal of the gods. She is the Source and the Origin, the Divine Energy and the delight in creation.

Too immense
But too immense my danger and my joy.

But Her joy and power are too immense and may be too strong for earth. It may be dangerous to call Her now.

Man is too weak
Awake not the immeasurable descent,
Speak not my secret name to hostile Time;
Man is too weak to bear the Infinite’s weight.

She cautions him not to call Her tremendous and infinite Force upon earth. She bids him not to speak Her secret Name yet to hostile Time. Her secret Name is not yet known to any time born power. Man may break down under the immeasurable descent.

Truth born too soon
Truth born too soon might break the imperfect earth.

Truth born too soon without sufficient readiness may break the yet imperfect earth. It needs a certain preparedness to receive the Divine Touch lest our earth-nature breaks down under the tremendous pressure.

Closing Remarks
This is the beginning of a wonderful revelation that Aswapati receives from the Divine Mother.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.