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At the Feet of The Mother

The Voice of Light, p. 536

Opening Remarks
The voice of the Night is followed by the Voice of Light. It chases away the darkness.

A greater Voice
Then from the heights a greater Voice came down,
The Word that touches the heart and finds the soul,
The voice of Light after the voice of Night:
The cry of the Abyss drew Heaven’s reply,
A might of storm chased by the might of the Sun.

The Voice of Light from the heights responded to the cry of the Abyss embodied in the Voice of Night. It touched the heart and uncovered the soul as the Sun chases away the storm.

Bare not thy kingdom
“O soul, bare not thy kingdom to the foe;
Consent to hide thy royalty of bliss
Lest Time and Fate find out its avenues
And beat with thunderous knock upon thy gates.

The Voice cautioned Savitri not to bare her new found kingdom of the soul to the adversary. It rather bids her to hide her royalty of bliss lest Time and Fate find it out and start hammering at the doors of her inner being to discourage her with blows of adversity.

Hide whilst thou canst
Hide whilst thou canst thy treasure of separate self
Behind the luminous rampart of thy depths
Till of a vaster empire it grows part.

The Voice further asks her to hide the treasure of her soul deep within her depths until it enlarges and becomes one with and part of the vast Cosmic and Transcendent Self.

Break into greater kingdoms
But not for self alone the Self is won:
Content abide not with one conquered realm;
Adventure all to make the whole world thine,
To break into greater kingdoms turn thy force.

But since the soul is not won for one’s personal salvation but for the sake of the greater Divine Self, the Voice turns her towards yet unconquered fields and engage in the adventure of breaking into greater kingdoms and to conquer all the worlds for the sake of the Divine and His Work.

Fear not
Fear not to be nothing that thou mayst be all;
Assent to the emptiness of the Supreme
That all in thee may reach its absolute.

The Voice asks her to cast away the fear of being nothing and no one so that she may be all. It asks her to assent to the state of emptiness of the Supreme, the Nothingness that is the All, so that all in her may reach its absolute.

Accept to be small and human
Accept to be small and human on the earth,
Interrupting thy new-born divinity,
That man may find his utter self in God.

For this she must accept to be small and human upon earth rather than display her divinity to all, so that through her man may find and base his totality in God.

Why hadst thou come?
If for thy own sake only thou hast come,
An immortal spirit into the mortal’s world,
To found thy luminous kingdom in God’s dark,
In the Inconscient’s realm one shining star,
One door in the Ignorance opened upon light,
Why hadst thou any need to come at all?

The Voice points out to her that she has not come only for her own personal salvation or to found her luminous kingdom in the Inconscient shadow of God as one more shining star or to open one more door of escape into the Light in the darkness of Ignorance. Why wouldst she has the need to come if it was only to return back or to lead back to the realm of the Spirit from where the immortal soul has come into the mortal world.

Closing Remarks
The Voice of Light sets the tone for revealing to Savitri her mission and the further program to be accomplished.

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