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At the Feet of The Mother

The Way of Aspiration (TH 048)

It is difficult to have a perfect faith in the beginning. We start with a limited and often egoistic human faith. But as we proceed on the path, we that our narrowness transforms and wideness takes its place. We begin to understand the ways of the Divine and how His Presence is being revealed slowly in all this manifold creation. The Divine uses everything and occasion to fulfill his work. So we must not fear for the storms, as the Captain holds the steering well and never sleeps or fails. Knowing this a true aspirant of God does not complain of pain or the suffering he needs to undergo as the ritual of purification. This journey of aspiration and faith is not just a journey of one life but continues in an ascending line through many lives and forms. Therefore we must guard our aspiration and faith like a priceless treasure which we carry with us beyond the grave and the pyre.

This talk was recorded in May 2012 in Nainital.

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