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At the Feet of The Mother

The Ways of Wisdom, pp. 515-516

Opening Remarks
The Madonna of Light now starts revealing the ways of Wisdom and its workings in Man.

God’s forms
Many are God’s forms by which he grows in man;
They stamp his thoughts and deeds with divinity,
Uplift the stature of the human clay
Or slowly transmute it into heaven’s gold.

Many are the forms of God through which He grows in our hearts. These Godheads influence our thoughts and deeds giving them the stamp of divinity and uplift our matter bound human life or slowly transmute its mud into gold.

The divine movements
He is the Good for which men fight and die,
He is the war of Right with Titan wrong;
He is Freedom rising deathless from her pyre;
He is Valour guarding still the desperate pass
Or lone and erect on the shattered barricade
Or a sentinel in the dangerous echoing Night.

The gods are cosmic powers that are intimately linked with our psychological being and move us towards greater and greater heights by inspiring him in his thoughts and feelings and will and impulsion and actions. The divinely inspired movements manifests in our acts such as when men fight and die for Good and battle for the Right against the wrongs of the Titans. God appears to the soul of man who is sent to the gallows for fighting for the freedom of his nation. He moves the heart of men by instilling Courage and Valour. He appears before the person who stands erect even in the face of defeat when everything seems lost or when one guards as a sentinel surrounded by the dangerous forces of the Night, against all threat.

Right and Might
He is the crown of the martyr burned in flame
And the glad resignation of the saint
And courage indifferent to the wounds of Time
And the hero’s might wrestling with death and fate.

He crowns the martyr thrown to the flames. He appears in the glad resignation of the saint, in the courage indifferent to the wounds inflicted by Time, in the hero’s might wrestling with death and fate.

Calm autocracy
He is Wisdom incarnate on a glorious throne
And the calm autocracy of the sage’s rule.

He manifests as Wisdom incarnate on a throne of glory and in the calm autocracy when a sage rules the people.

High and solitary Thought
He is the high and solitary Thought
Aloof above the ignorant multitude:
He is the prophet’s voice, the sight of the seer.

The goddess of Wisdom expresses herself as the philosopher climbing high above the ignorant masses through the thread of some great and solitary thought. It manifests in the Prophet’s voice, the seer’s sight.

Beauty and Truth
He is Beauty, nectar of the passionate soul,
He is the Truth by which the spirit lives.

God is with us as the soul of Beauty, the sweet nectar of the passionate soul. He is the Truth by which the spirit lives.

Eternity, infinity, immortality
He is the riches of the spiritual Vast
Poured out in healing streams on indigent Life;
He is Eternity lured from hour to hour,
He is infinity in a little space:
He is immortality in the arms of death.

He is the spiritual riches in the vast fields of the Spirit. God pours his spiritual wealth as healing streams upon the poverty of life. He is Eternity playing with time. He is Infinity in a little space. He is the immortal Self playing with death.

These powers I am
These powers I am and at my call they come.

The Madonna of Light is all these powers and they come at her call.

I lift man’s soul
Thus slowly I lift man’s soul nearer the Light.

Thus slowly she lifts man’s soul nearer the Light.

Closing Remarks
The Madonna of Light reveals her powers to Savitri in the passage above.

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