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At the Feet of The Mother

The Western Idea of Individuality

The individuality preached in the Western context is largely the ego-individuality. No doubt it stems from the dehatmabodh (taking the body to be the self) which is rooted very deep in the present Western way of life. Perhaps the reason for this has been the arrest of the spiritual impulse by its conversion into formal organised and institutional religion. Instead of evolving and diversifying it was stifled and overpowered by politics and persecution.

It appears to have come full circle and there are quite a few who are seeking a spiritual direction to reorient their lives. Though few, perhaps very few yet it is a question of time that it will grow. At least one should hope since eventually the dream of world unity and diversity cannot be realised if a whole section of humanity is untouched by the Light. At least let us hope that it will be so however bleak the appearances may seem.

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