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At the Feet of The Mother

The Wide World, p. 377

Opening remarks
Savitri starts her journey and encounters the different forms of worldly life and efforts that mankind is engaged in.

The World-ways
The World-ways opened before Savitri.
At first a strangeness of new brilliant scenes
Peopled her mind and kept her body’s gaze.

The wide world opens before Savitri. At first she encounters strange brilliant scenes that draw her attention for a moment and seek to engage her sight and mind.

Whole destiny of mankind
But as she moved across the changing earth
A deeper consciousness welled up in her:
A citizen of many scenes and climes,
Each soil and country it had made its home;
It took all clans and peoples for her own,
Till the whole destiny of mankind was hers.

But as she moves a deeper consciousness emerges reminding her of her past whence she has moved through familiar scenes. She discovers that she is a world citizen by the native right of her inner consciousness that took all the different types of humanity as her own self until the entire destiny of mankind was hers.

Nameless comrades
These unfamiliar spaces on her way
Were known and neighbours to a sense within,
Landscapes recurred like lost forgotten fields,
Cities and rivers and plains her vision claimed
Like slow-recurring memories in front,
The stars at night were her past’s brilliant friends,
The winds murmured to her of ancient things
And she met nameless comrades loved by her once.

Though she was traversing these spaces for the first time yet something within her felt familiar with the landscapes and cities and rivers and plains as if she had travelled through them before. New to her earthly vision they were not so new to an inmost memory that awakened within her. The stars had witnessed her in previous ls before and the winds spoke to her of ancient things as if she had lived them earlier. Even among the people whom she met she recognised some lost comrades and friends from a previous life.

Trace again the journey
All was a part of old forgotten selves:
Vaguely or with a flash of sudden hints
Her acts recalled a line of bygone power,
Even her motion’s purpose was not new:
Traveller to a prefigured high event,
She seemed to her remembering witness soul
To trace again a journey often made.

Through this journey she was recovering her lost selves from previous lives through sudden flashes and hints that showed her previous deeds whence also she had attempted similar things and lived for the same high purpose. She seemed to travel to a pre-destined event as if drawn by Fate upon a journey she had already and often undertaken.

Closing Remarks
We are thereby told that Savitri is taking up her previous efforts and continuing upon the curve of destiny that her soul has chosen since long.

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