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At the Feet of The Mother

The Womb of Night, pp. 221-222

Opening Remarks
Hell is not so much and outer condition as it is an inner space. It exists in some inner dimension of existence and sometimes its dark influence creeps up in our own life polluting it with its breath. It is a dark principle of Life that perverts and twists the body of truth.

Priestess of Perversity
Thought sat, a priestess of Perversity,
On her black tripod of the triune Snake
Reading by opposite signs the eternal script,
A sorceress reversing life’s God-frame.

The thought meant for nearness to the gods was a power for perversity in that domain. It reversed the script of God and thereby falsified its meaning. Instead of Soul and God being the origin, it made the soul and God a last product of matter and its processes. Though became thereby a priestess of Perversity who prophesied dark things and created a god who enjoyed and ruled the world with fear, wrath and lust.

Unholy Word
In darkling aisles with evil eyes for lamps
And fatal voices chanting from the apse,
In strange infernal dim basilicas
Intoning the magic of the unholy Word,
The ominous profound Initiate
Performed the ritual of her Mysteries.

These priests of perversity proclaimed the law of fear and death with evil intention in their heart. These impure minds driven by subconscient impulses and forces gave their gospels of violence and lust as supreme powers and the world worshipped them as highest truths accepting their dark influence.

Suffering as daily food
There suffering was Nature’s daily food
Alluring to the anguished heart and flesh,
And torture was the formula of delight,
Pain mimicked the celestial ecstasy.

These beings lived by suffering of others and their own as food. Self-torture through drugs and violent excitement and stimulus, torture to the body and senses was their way o be happy. It was a world of tamas where only strong impulse and violent stimulus could give the sense of living. The subtler and refined sensations and feelings had no place there and went unrecognised.

Hypocrite blooms
There Good, a faithless gardener of God,
Watered with virtue the world’s upas-tree
And, careful of the outward word and act,
Engrafted his hypocrite blooms on native ill.

All means were corrupted including good and virtue to serve evil ends. Their life was steeped in falsehood; – they spoke high and beautiful things for personal gains, their outward acts were driven by a selfish motive. It was the life of a hypocrite that looked good on the surfaces but was rotten inside.

Snare of hell
All high things served their nether opposite:
The forms of Gods sustained a demon cult;
Heaven’s face became a mask and snare of Hell.

Religion and worship were offered at the altar of dark gods and demon cults for selfish purposes and evil ends. Goodness itself was used as a snare and mask of hell.

Illimitable and vague Shape
There in the heart of vain phenomenon,
In an enormous action’s writhen core
He saw a Shape illimitable and vague
Sitting on Death who swallows all things born.

There, in the heart of that world where nothing is true and all things are false, Aswapati saw the Shadowy shape behind Death swallowing all things towards their doom. It was a painful and rotten core, a dark and looming abyss.

Chill fixed face
A chill fixed face with dire and motionless eyes,
Her dreadful trident in her shadowy hand
Outstretched, she pierced all creatures with one fate.

Cold and emotionless, cruel and without feelings, fixed and rigid in her outlook without pity or compassion, the mother of Evil and Darkness sat piercing all creatures with her trident of falsehood, suffering and unconsciousness.

Closing Remarks
This is the home of Night where Aswapati meets the mother of Evil and Darkness.

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