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At the Feet of The Mother

The Word of Fate (SVH 40) Book 6 Canto 1

Savitri, Book Six: The Book of Fate, Canto I: The Word of Fate.

In this canto, Narad the divine sage comes to Aswapati’s palace as Savitri returns from her quest. The fate of Savitri and Satyavan is at once revealed before his subtle vision. After some hesitation, he reveals to Savitri’s mother, the queen, that even though Satyavan is a jewel amongst men, he is ill-fated. His father, a blind king in exile, has lost his kingdom, and Satyavan himself has only one more year to live. While Aswapati, the seer king knows that even what seems adverse to our ignorant eyes serves a divine Good in the cosmic scheme, the queen is disturbed by the decree of fate. She asks Savitri to return and reverse her choice. But Savitri insists.

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