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At the Feet of The Mother

The Work in the Inconscient, pp. 449-450

Opening Remarks
The work of the World-redeemer is a long and complex task in the original Inconscient Darkness.

God’s slumber
He has broken into the Inconscient’s depths
That veil themselves even from their own regard:
He has seen God’s slumber shape these magic worlds.

The world-redeemer enters the Inconscient depths that are veiled even from itself. He has entered there and seen God asleep and shaping the worlds in His slumber.

Dumb God
He has watched the dumb God fashioning Matter’s frame,
Dreaming the dreams of its unknowing sleep,
And watched the unconscious Force that built the stars.

God enters the Inconscient depths and fashions matter’s frame out of his dreams in its unknowing sleep. He has watched the unconscious Force operating in matter that builds this material universe.

Inconscient’s workings
He has learned the Inconscient’s workings and its law,
Its incoherent thoughts and rigid acts,
Its hazard wastes of impulse and idea,
The chaos of its mechanic frequencies,
Its random calls, its whispers falsely true,
Misleaders of the hooded listening soul.

He has learnt the workings of the Inconscient and its laws, its incoherent and rigid thoughts and acts. He has understood its hazard wastes of impulses and ideas, the chaotic and mechanical vibrations creating disorder in the world, its random calls, its whispers that distort truth and mislead the soul covered in the cloak of ignorance.

Nothing abides
All things come to its ear but nothing abides;
All rose from the silence, all goes back to its hush.

All things come to the Inconscient but nothing stays. Out of its silence everything emerges and goes back to its hush as if unchanged and ever the same.

World seems vain
Its somnolence founded the universe,
Its obscure waking makes the world seem vain.

The sleep of the God in the Inconscience founded the universe. Its obscure workings make the world seem vain.

Creation can collapse
Arisen from Nothingness and towards Nothingness turned,
Its dark and potent nescience was earth’s start;
It is the waste stuff from which all was made;
Into its deeps creation can collapse.

Arisen out of Nothingness and turned towards Nothingness, the dark and potent Nescience (absence of awareness) was the beginning of earth. It is the waste from which all was made. It is in its depths that creation can collapse.

Mother of our ignorance
Its opposition clogs the march of the soul,
It is the mother of our ignorance.

It is this Inconscience that opposes the march of the soul. Our ignorance is born from these Inconscient depths.

Closing Remarks
The adversary has its home in the Inconscient. The world-redeemer must go there and wake up the sleeping God.

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