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At the Feet of The Mother

The Work We are Meant to Do

Failure can be and is very often a step towards success. However it is also necessary to understand that each one of us has a unique place in the universal concert of creation. It is a place that we alone are destined to occupy. A lot of confusion and failure happens because we are trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. In fact it happens most of the time. Even if we succeed for a time somehow squeezing things into a shape they are not meant to be, even if we somehow try to whip destiny into listening to us and force outer circumstances to be in our favour, yet true success will elude us. In fact success, like happiness and everything else can be looked at from two different vantage points. There is, for example what is generally known as outer success. Here one has achieved whatever one wanted to achieve outwardly, name and fame and wealth and all else. But the inner dimension of success remains unfulfilled. Such people are always running in a mock race to avoid confronting themselves. They busy themselves in all kinds of outer activities that keeps them preoccupied and thereby prolongs the illusion of success. But there is a hollow within that grows through the years, a hollow they try to fill with money and people but it is a hollow that is like a bottomless well. They have failed even though their life with all its glitter and glamour is seen as being successful. The reason is that they were doing something out of ambition and not because they were meant to do this. Hence the inner satisfaction was missing even though outer life was seemingly successful.

What is needed however is to find out what is it that moves me to the core? We need to discover what is it in which I can put not only my outer energies and time but also my heart and soul in it. The sign that we are meant for a particular activity is that we love doing it. There is no other motive but love. When our heart is moved to do something or undertake an activity out of a deep spontaneous feeling then we are on the right track. Whether this activity will bring us wealth and fame or not is irrelevant but it will surely bring a deep satisfaction and joy which is the true inner indicator of success. On the other hand depression, frustration, anxiety and anger are born when we are not doing what we are meant do or not doing things the way we should be doing them.  To know this we do not needs to go far or consult someone. Our own tastes and tendencies would show it to us. We are all born with an original script of life with our soul’s and God’s signature upon it. This original script of destiny, often lost and buried under a heap of artificial goals determined by others, or corrupted by the virus of ambition, greed and lust which we must recover. Our schools teach this not and our parents and society often does everything to make us forget what we are meant to do or rather meant to be. Hence the mounting misery and psychological suffering that trails the steps of humanity, a suffering that is entirely avoidable provided we tune in to the voice of our soul and listen to what it is summoning up to do and be.

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