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At the Feet of The Mother

The Workings of the Supramental Force

There are three sides to the workings of the supramental force. The first is needed clearing of the old ways of life that resist and obstinately refuse the change. These elements are simply being removed out of the manifestation. Sometimes this takes the form of outer destruction while at other times a disappearance of certain ways of life for reasons beyond our reckoning. Certain ideas and institutions, – social and religious – are fast disappearing or are on the way due to the action of the supramental force. The institution of marriage, the strict orthodoxy of religions, caste system in its narrow rigid form, are such examples.

Secondly there is a shift of balance between the different elements of the society, a readjustment and a realignment more in keeping with the deeper truth of things rather than the prevalent practice. It is this readjustment that is leading to the cry for gender equality, youth uprising, the cry for change sometimes taking the form of revolt, the growing demand for unity, equality. There is a shift of power balance in the form of the low becoming high and the days of thrones and kings being over giving way to the voice of the common people.

But the most evident action is in the field of new idea forces that are breaking down all the barriers in which life was strictly compartmentalised. These new ideas are being propagated in the field of education where the idea of an all-round and holistic development, an integral growth is being more and more recognized. There are also new forms of educational models being developed. In the field of health an increasing recognition of the role of thoughts and feelings upon the body, the stress on holistic healing, the role of yoga and meditation in both physical and psychological health is another new trend. The same holds true of psychology where there is a greater acceptance of spiritual insights and practices as part of the education program. There is a much greater stress on physical culture and lifestyle. Most importantly people are breaking free from the fixity of cult and sect and are able to distinguish between religion and spirituality.

The increase in spiritual practices is itself a sign of the change. Science is breaking down barriers and boundaries of the material world leading to an entry into other subtler domains of existence. There is a marked decrease in sleep and appetite but an increase in height, gender neutrality of the form and a prolongation of the life span. At a larger national and international level there is the formation of new groupings, a near-subtlisation of money through the digital medium, breaking boundaries of space to make earthly life better, a growing awareness of dealing consciously with the earth are just some of the signs of the working. New forms of art, music, cinema, imagination are also clearly suggestive.

These and many other changes are indicative of the future that is fast emerging through children of today who are certainly more conscious than the adults as if they are jumping over time.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.