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At the Feet of The Mother

The Yogi on the Whirlpool, pp. 543-544

Opening Remarks
Savitri has arrived at that high poise of the traditional yogis who rise above nature into the Peace and Silence of Brahman. Yet Nature left below continues with its activities. This she must look into now.

All yet was there
But to her deeper sight all yet was there,
Effervescing like a chaos under a lid;
Feelings and thoughts cried out for word and act
But found no response in the silenced brain:
All was suppressed but nothing yet expunged;
At every moment might explosion come.

When the mind grows quiet and peaceful, liberated into nirvana, it does not automatically stop the rest of the machinery. This Savitri saw with her deeper sight. All the movements of nature were still there effervescing like a chaos under a lid. Thoughts and feelings cried out for expression in speech and cations but found no response in the silenced brain. All was suppressed and still there held inside her.

This too paused
Then this too paused; the body seemed a stone.

Then this effervescence too paused and the body entered into a stone like state.

Wide and mighty vacancy
All now was a wide mighty vacancy,
But still excluded from eternity’s hush;
For still was far the repose of the Absolute
And the ocean silence of Infinity.

A wide and mighty vacant space her being became. Yet the hush of eternity was still not there. The repose of the Absolute and the ocean silence of Infinity was still far.

Thoughts could cross her solitude
Even now some thoughts could cross her solitude;
These surged not from the depths or from within
Cast up from formlessness to seek a form,
Spoke not the body’s need nor voiced life’s call.

Even now some thoughts could arise and intrude into her solitude. These thoughts did not surge from within her as if seeking a form out of formlessness. These thoughts were neither connected with the bodily needs nor voicing the call and cry of desires.

Cosmic Nature
These seemed not born nor made in human Time:
Children of cosmic Nature from a far world,
Idea’s shapes in complete armour of words
Posted like travellers in an alien space.

These thoughts did not seem to be born nor products of human time. They emerged from cosmic Nature as if from some far off world. They were giving shape to Ideas in well formed words as if travellers sent from alien space.

Out of some far expanse
Out of some far expanse they seemed to come
As if carried on vast wings like large white sails,
And with easy access reached the inner ear
As though they used a natural privileged right
To the high royal entries of the soul.

These thoughts sailed in from some far expanse carried on vast wings like large sails. They reached her inner ear easily as though it was their natural privilege and right to enter the royal spaces of the soul.

Their path
As yet their path lay deep-concealed in light.

Their path lay deep-concealed in light.

Closing Remarks
Savitri now turns her attention to deal with the thoughts sailing in from the environmental consciousness.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.