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At the Feet of The Mother

This Elusive Comfort

The lasting comfort is never found in the environment. It is an inner state and comes with a certain kind of inner acceptance of the limitations of human life at present combined with an inner aspiration to bring about the needed change within us.

It is being realistic to understand that we cannot change others. Therefore instead of directing our efforts towards changing others (which is impossible unless they themselves wish to change) we should direct it towards changing ourselves. And most often when we change ourselves we find the world change around us because we begin to see our outer circumstances, the people with whom we are associated with and the situations we find ourselves in, very differently.

Instead of trying to find comfort zones outside in the circumstances, we should take advantage of these to grow wiser and stronger, to cultivate humility and kindness, charity and benevolence.

Instead of fighting with situations we should direct our energy towards fighting within, with our own ignorance and the desire self that keeps us tied to the law of pain and suffering and misery, preventing us from advancing swiftly upon the inner paths towards the true goal. 

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.