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At the Feet of The Mother

Thought, – the Messenger, pp. 540-541

Opening Remarks
Thought is a mediator between the soul and the different parts and states of consciousness using the mind as the instrument.

Disguised they must don
But for the mortal prisoned in outward mind
All must present their passports at its door;
Disguised they must don the official cap and mask
Or pass as manufactures of the brain,
Unknown their secret truth and hidden source.

Human beings are largely imprisoned in the outer mind. Thought frequencies must assume the conventional patterns of words that are acceptable. There they look as if they have been manufactured by the brain while their secret origin and hidden source remains unknown.

Only to the inner mind they speak
Only to the inner mind they speak direct,
Put on a body and assume a voice,
Their passage seen, their message heard and known,
Their birthplace and their natal mark revealed,
And stand confessed to an immortal’s sight,
Our nature’s messengers to the witness soul.

It is only to the inner mind that the thoughts can speak directly. Here they put on a body of words and change into speech. It is in the inner mind that there passage is seen and their message heard, their secret origin discovered as they stand revealed before the light of our soul These messengers of nature that circulate in the cosmos as vehicles embodying different states of consciousness can be seen by the soul when it stands back from nature as a witness.

Withheld from mortal sense
Impenetrable, withheld from mortal sense,
The inner chambers of the spirit’s house
Disclosed to her their happenings and their guests;
Eyes looked through crevices in the invisible wall
And through the secrecy of unseen doors
There came into mind’s little frontal room
Thoughts that enlarged our limited human range,
Lifted the ideal’s half-quenched or sinking torch
Or peered through the finite at the infinite.

The mind of the mortal cannot see them. But in the inner being they disclose themselves and what they are carrying. They enter our outer mind and surface consciousness through unseen doors within and serve to enlarge our understanding and uphold before us the torch of the Ideal or try to glimpse at the infinite through the finite mind.

Opening of the subtle Senses
A sight opened upon the invisible
And sensed the shapes that mortal eyes see not,
The sounds that mortal listening cannot hear,
The blissful sweetness of the intangible’s touch;
The objects that to us are empty air,
Are there the stuff of daily experience
And the common pabulum of sense and thought.

A subtle sight opened in Savitri and she could see the invisible shapes and forms denied to the mortal eye. She heard subtle sounds denied to mortal ears. She developed a subtle touch that could sense the blissful sweetness of the intangible. The entire perception of the world changed as these subtle senses opened up in Savitri. Things that seem to us as vain imaginations became real to her everyday perception and the common component of sense and thought.

Closing Remarks
Thus Savitri began exploring her inner depths and heights through the subtle senses and the inner mind with her soul as the witness.

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