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At the Feet of The Mother

Throwing Human Desires on The Mother

Guidance from Sri Aurobindo


The idea of unburdening desires, imperfections, impurities, illnesses on the Mother so that she may bear the results instead of the sadhaks is a curious one. I suppose it is a continuation of the Christian idea of Christ suffering on the cross for the sake of humanity. But it has nothing to do with the Yoga of transformation.

Then how can we free ourselves from desires, impurities, etc.?

They have to be rejected, but not thrown on the Mother.

All bad thoughts upon the Mother or throwing of impurities on her may affect her body as she has taken the sadhaks into her consciousness, nor can she send these things back to them as it might hurt them.

I never spoke of attacks on you. I spoke of attacks on the Mother and the work as the cause of seriousness — when she is really serious. At present the whole atmosphere is full of attacks and nothing else because of the attitude of sadhaks. So long as that is so Mother can take no other attitude.

What is the real cause of the Mother’s illnesses?

It is due to attacks. As the material is not yet conquered, the Mother’s body has to bear the attacks which come daily and to which the sadhaks freely open the doors. If she cut off her consciousness altogether from that of the sadhaks or put them outside her consciousness, these things would not happen.

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