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At the Feet of The Mother

To Thee our Infinite Gratitude (by Jhumur Bhattacharya)

Jhumurdi’s address to the 43rd All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Mahila pathachakra Sammilani. Questions were asked by Sarojbala Pattanaik. The questions were:

1. The prayer of the Mother is addressed to Sri Aurobindo or His body? Is His body is same as Sri Aurobindo ?

2. Sri Aurobindo indicated the possibility of His coming back in a new body, but what we can do to accelerate this process of return?

3. How we can show our gratitude to Him who is the Master of all existence?

4.Is it told that Sri Aurobindo’s Presence is always there, how we can feel His active Presence ?Can we communicate with Him as He was in His physical body ?

5. How could our daily life will be guided by His Presence? How to distinguish His indication of guidance from other impulses of life?

6. The Mothers prayer to Sri Aurobindo will it be applicable to Her also?

7. How to see Mother in dreams whenever we wish?

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