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At the Feet of The Mother

Towards the Black Void (SVH 52) Book 9 Canto 1

Book Nine, The Book of Eternal Night, Canto I, Towards the Black Void.

Here we see Savitri entering the black pit of inconscience, the very home of Death from where he derives his strength. It is the realm where Death is all-powerful and for a moment it seems that all light is extinguished. Yet this is an appearance, a dark asuric Maya that veils the Light. Savitri rekindles it bringing hope once again reminding Death and the soul of man that Night is not our beginning or end. We come from the Light and to the Light we go. Night, darkness, death are passages of our great journey, steps that lead us towards reclaiming our divinity and immortality. Death tries to frighten and dissuade her, he tries to snatch away her strength and light and hope. But Savitri the fearless yogini advances in her Kali mood awakening gradually in her the power that would win the victory over Death.

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