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At the Feet of The Mother

Beyond Credal Religions (5) Towards the Future

It is the Hour of God declared Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Sri Aurobindo cautioned us that the need of the hour is sincerity. It is indeed the Age of Truth and the one thing needed most is sincerity, not sincerity with regard to our work and duties and with people, – that is a minimum expected of any genuine human being, but a sincerity with regard to the Truth, the truth in its essence and the truth in its manifestation. To the aspirants of a higher life, in the integral yoga it means sincerity towards the Divine and His Will. For humanity in general it means truth in thoughts, truth in feelings, truth in will and actions. It also means sincerity in our international dealings.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had ushered the Age of Truth, the new Satya Yuga based on the Supramental Truth Consciousness.  What it means is that the old world of hypocrisy and lip service to Truth will stand exposed. This is what happened to religions and ideologies. Their actions are often at complete variance with what they profess and claim. It also means that each individual, nation and group will try to search for their own unique truth ushering in a subjective age of mankind. Initially this is bound to break the old-world order and its constructions. The old-world hierarchy was based on financial and political power driven by lust and ambition, capitalising on fear and lure. This settled disorder is bound to go. This will lead to a state of apparent confusion and disorder where each unit will pull things in its own direction due to the centrifugal force released by Shiva’s dance of destructive. But eventually the larger impulse of unity which is no more an adjustment and accommodation but the discovery of the right place of each person and group and nation in relation to the Whole. We can witness both these tendencies today. There are forces of immense destruction that have been unleashed to break the old-world order in entirety. At the same time there are forces of the New Creation, though few in number that are trying to infuse the New Idea and build this world in an image nearer to the original blue print of Creation sheltered in God’s heart and sealed in our own. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have opened this blue print, this last chapter of the story of earthly evolution that would explain all the rest. What is needed from our side is to deliberately put ourselves on the side of the luminous future by becoming conscious of the Divine Will and with a heart full of faith prepare ourselves for the New Creation.

This new year let us leave behind, once and for all the slavery to the Past, the life of the ego and lust and fear and ambition and desire for good and embrace the life divine based on Truth and Light and Beauty and Harmony and Love and live for the fulfilment of the Divine Will in us and in all.

Let us close with a series of new year messages that She gave showing us the way towards the luminous future whose doors have been opened for us by the Grace and tapasya of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother:

A new world, based on Truth and refusing the old slavery to falsehood, wants to take birth. In all countries there are people who know it, at least feel it. To them we call: “Will you collaborate?” [Message given on Sri Aurobindo’s birth centenary 1972]

Old methods cannot do for this new work. Not only a new consciousness must be firmly established but also a new process must be found before anything truly effective can be done. [15 January 1961]

There are moments—what Sri Aurobindo called The Hour of God—there are moments when the true, the true miracle is possible; if that moment is missed, then the world will go… at its turtle pace.

And it’s hard—a lot of suffering, a lot of complications…. But faith, who has faith? True faith. [Agenda, May 8, 1971]

Let us prepare for the Hour of God. [New Year Message for 1963]

Are you ready? [New Year Message for 1964]

Salute to the advent of Truth. [New Year Message for 1965]

Let us serve the Truth. [New Year Message for 1966]

Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative:
Truth or the abyss. [New Year Message for 1967]

Remain young, never stop striving towards perfection. [New Year Message for 1968]

No words—acts. [New Year Message for 1969]

The world is preparing for a big change.
Will you help? [New Year Message for 1970]

Blessed are those who take a leap towards the Future. [New Year Message for 1971]

Let us all try to be worthy of Sri Aurobindo’s centenary. [New Year Message for 1972]

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