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At the Feet of The Mother

Towards the Great Summits, pp. 281-282. Closing Remarks for the Canto

Opening Remarks
Standing on the high summits Aswapati now sees the highest summit of the Mind through which he must climb towards the very Highest.

A multiplied rapture
Yet were there regions where these absolutes met
And made a circle of bliss with married hands;
Light stood embraced by light, fire wedded fire,
But none in the other would his body lose
To find his soul in the world’s single Soul,
A multiplied rapture of infinity.

Each great god in this region is an absolute in its own right. Yet these distinct gods tend to meet and fuse in a many-sided unity on the great summits that lie beyond. Each is blissful and luminous with a radiant power. Yet on these higher summits they multiplied their bliss and radiance and light. But this multiplying and fusion was not through loss of their unique and distinct identity. They would not take the last high step of losing their distinct self in the World’s single Soul.

Single multitudinous whole
Onward he passed to a diviner sphere:
There, joined in a common greatness, light and bliss,
All high and beautiful and desirable powers
Forgetting their difference and their separate reign
Become a single multitudinous whole.

Yet beyond this were regions where the merger took place. Each go9d became there an aspect or power of the One. The differences and distinctness were forgotten and they worked as a single radiant Power, multiple yet One.

Parting of the roads of Time
Above the parting of the roads of Time,
Above the Silence and its thousandfold Word,
In the immutable and inviolate Truth
For ever united and inseparable,
The radiant children of Eternity dwell
On the wide spirit height where all are one.

Time sinks at these summits but Existence and creation end not here. Beyond this lower hemisphere that is bound by Space and Time, there is the higher hemisphere where all powers and beings dwell in a harmony of oneness. Here all know themselves and others as children of eternity. Here, beyond the Silence and the thousand-petalled centre, each finds its truth in the embrace of the One who is the Whole.

Closing Remarks
This is the highest heaven of the Mental world where division begins to fade away and oneness begins to dawn upon some still greater heights.

Closing Remarks for the Canto

Aswapati has climbed here the highest domains of the triple world of matter, life and mind. But he must climb still further since he is in search of the key to transformation of earthly life. This key is not found in the Heavens of the Mind however great and powerful they may be. He must find the route to go beyond.

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