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At the Feet of The Mother

Towards the Illimitable pp 82-83

Opening remarks
Now Aswapati sails beyond the last limits of lower nature that ties us down.

The magic fence
The imprisoned deity rent its magic fence.

The soul is freed from the magic circle of Nature which keeps it tied to various illusory forms and keeps our consciousness fixed within the boundaries and limits set for each type.

Vast barriers crashed
As with a sound of thunder and of seas,
Vast barriers crashed around the huge escape.

There is a breaking down of all our mental measures, dogmas and fixed opinions; the limited workings of our life energies and even bodily habits to which we are mechanically tied.

Effacing of the boundaries of Ignorance
Immutably coeval with the world,
Circle and end of every hope and toil
Inexorably drawn round thought and act,
The fixed immovable peripheries
Effaced themselves beneath the Incarnate’s tread.

We live as bondslaves of Nature. Tied to the world and its apparent laws we move within a limited range of thought and will and action. But the touch of the Incarnate Divine takes away these limitations and a new and diviner law begins to operate in our lives.

The expanding zero
The dire velamen and the bottomless crypt
Between which life and thought for ever move,
Forbidden still to cross the dim dread bounds,
The guardian darknesses mute and formidable,
Empowered to circumscribe the wingless spirit
In the boundaries of Mind and Ignorance,
Protecting no more a dual eternity
Vanished rescinding their enormous role:
Once figure of creation’s vain ellipse,
The expanding zero lost its giant curve.

The Divine Force that acts in this yoga of transformation acts in a circular manner. It opens us to the Light Above, widens us into the cosmic consciousness around, digs deep and lays bare all that hides in the darkness below. The narrow zone and the small frame of life are taken away which draw a rigid line between the two poles of Existence. All the formulas of the mind end up collapsing in a vast nothingness. The finite consciousness begins to dwell in the Infinite that always enveloped it.

An all-swallowing Immensity
The old adamantine vetoes stood no more:
Overpowered were earth and Nature’s obsolete rule;
The python coils of the restricting Law
Could not restrain the swift arisen God:
Abolished were the scripts of destiny.
There was no small death-hunted creature more,
No fragile form of being to preserve
From an all-swallowing Immensity.

Then one walks as the master of one’s destiny, the forces that weave our Fate begin to obey us; the so-called laws of life begin to yield before a will that has become one with God; even Death ceases to lay its claim upon us as we pass beyond our last limits into a vast, limitless being.

Bursting of the narrow dams
The great hammer-beats of a pent-up world-heart
Burst open the narrow dams that keep us safe
Against the forces of the universe.

The pulsations of a vast all-encompassing Love then overpowers our being exposing us to all that was restrained and kept outside by the magic circle of nature. We become one with the Universal forces that move creation in the heights and the depths.

Equal powers
The soul and cosmos faced as equal powers.

We become one with the whole world. Our soul, the individual Self in us becomes one with the Universal Self. We begin to command not only forces that move us but also the cosmic forces that work in creation.

Invaded by the Infinite
A boundless being in a measureless Time
Invaded Nature with the infinite;
He saw unpathed, unwalled, his titan scope.

Our finite nature begins to open to the Infinite and undergo a change by the pressure and touch of the forces of the Higher Consciousness. It is then that we open to limitless possibilities as the spiritual transformation of our nature begins with the descent of higher and higher ranges of Consciousness. This is the transformation that has started in Aswapati even as he stands at the borders of the Supermind and he begins to see the limitless possibilities of a New Creation before him.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see the beginnings of a spiritual transformation under the increasing pressure of higher states of Consciousness in King Aswapati, the seer and yogi.

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