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At the Feet of The Mother

Transcendent Wisdom Spoke, pp. 552-553

Opening Remarks
Even while her inner being was on the verge of annihilation something was yet there drawing the highest Wisdom and giving it words and use her speech.

Deep loss
Yet all was not extinct in this deep loss;
The being travelled not towards nothingness.

Yet something in her refused annihilation into Nothingness.

High surpassing secrecy
There was some high surpassing Secrecy,
And when she sat alone with Satyavan,
Her moveless mind with his that searched and strove,
In the hush of the profound and intimate night
She turned to the face of a veiled voiceless Truth
Hid in the dumb recesses of the heart
Or waiting beyond the last peak climbed by Thought,—
Unseen itself it sees the struggling world
And prompts our quest, but cares not to be found,—
Out of that distant Vast came a reply.

Savitri intuitively sensed some high surpassing secrecy that was yet to be discovered. When she sat alone with Satyavan, her mind still and moveless, joined his searching and striving thought. In the profound silence of the intimate night she turned her face towards the face of a Truth that was yet veiled from her sight and spoke no word. It was his in the dim recesses of her heart or was beyond the last reach of Thought. Unseen, it yet sees the struggling world and prompts us to seek but cares not to be found. Out of that distant Vast some messages came.

Heart of wisdom
Something unknown, unreached, inscrutable
Sent down the messages of its bodiless Light,
Cast lightning flashes of a thought not ours
Crossing the immobile silence of her mind:
In its might of irresponsible sovereignty
It seized on speech to give those flamings shape,
Made beat the heart of wisdom in a word
And spoke immortal things through mortal lips.

That unknown inscrutable something or someone which could not yet be reached, sent down the messages of its bodiless Light. It cast lightning flashes of thought crossing the immobile silent spaces of the mind from the Beyond. In a sovereignty that was answerable to none, these flame lightnings took hold of her speech and gave the form of thought and word.

Knowledge unthinkable
Or, listening to the sages of the woods,
In question and in answer broke from her
High strange revealings impossible to men,
Something or someone secret and remote
Took hold of her body for his mystic use,
Her mouth was seized to channel ineffable truths,
Knowledge unthinkable found an utterance.

Or, listening to the sages in the forest, her questions and answers were high and strange revelations impossible to men. It seemed as if Something or Someone secret and remote took hold of her body for his mystic use. Her mouth was seized as a channel of ineffable truths and her utterances were revelations of a knowledge that cannot be thought out.

New enlightenment
Astonished by a new enlightenment,
Invaded by a streak of the Absolute,
They marvelled at her, for she seemed to know
What they had only glimpsed at times afar.

These sages who dwelt in the woods were astonished by her luminous words indicative of a greater enlightenment than they possessed. Her words were invaded by some streak of the Absolute. They simply marvelled at her wisdom for she seemed to know what they had glimpsed from afar in some rare moments.

Luminous greatness pass
These thoughts were formed not in her listening brain,
Her vacant heart was like a stringless harp;
Impassive the body claimed not its own voice,
But let the luminous greatness through it pass.

These thoughts were not formed in her brain which had become a passive instrument listening to the truths from Beyond. Her heart was vacant like a harp without strings and the body itself was impassive that let the great luminous streams pass through it.

A dual Power
A dual Power at being’s occult poles
Still acted, nameless and invisible:
Her divine emptiness was their instrument.

The dual power of Nature at the two opposite poles still acted. Her inner divine emptiness was their instrument.

Slipped through the Void
Inconscient Nature dealt with the world it had made,
And using still the body’s instruments
Slipped through the conscious void she had become;
The superconscient Mystery through that Void
Missioned its word to touch the thoughts of men.

The body largely a product of the Inconscient was used by the Superconscient Mystery slipping through the conscious Void that she had become. Words leaped out from Above using the bodily apparatus and speech to reveal its secrets and truths through words and touch the heart and mind and thoughts of men.

Great impersonal speech
As yet this great impersonal speech was rare.
This great impersonal speech was yet rare.

Closing Remarks
Savitri became a luminous empty channel of great truths that were being revealed through her words and speech.

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