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At the Feet of The Mother

Three Plays of the Mother (TH 067)

This talk about three dramas written by The Mother for the performance held annually on the December 1 by the students and teachers of the Ashram School. The three dramas are ‘Towards the future’, ‘The Great Secret’ and the ‘Ascent to Truth’. In ‘Towards the future’ the Mother has shown us how one can let go off one’s old relation and love without grief or grudge and instead use this moment of crisis as a powerful lever to open an inner door for progress. It is the story of a lady whose husband has developed an affair with another woman. Instead of reacting with bitterness and anger, she reveals the deeper truth of love and takes a leap for a greater life. ‘The great secret’ shows us the real purpose of life and the significance of faith and surrender. Though the great personalities portrayed in the Play stand high in their field, they feel unsatisfied because they feel a sense of incompleteness. ‘The Ascent to Truth’ shows us the limits of understanding of different levels of consciousness and how to cross it. Only a true and sincere aspirant can go till the very last and get the ultimate realization.

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