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At the Feet of The Mother

“The Truth Behind the Relics” by Nirodbaran

We have seen how much importance she (the Mother) attached to it when the Relics were given away for the first time. She has said that each and every molecule of Sri Aurobindo’s body was filled with Supramental Consciousness. We know that his body was glowing with Supramental Light as soon as he left it. That Consciousness is not a mortal thing which ceases with the death of the physical body. If that were so, then we wouldn’t feel such extraordinary power and strength when we touch the Samadhi.

We have learnt that wherever the Relics are enshrined, there dwell such peace and tranquility. Therefore, the Relics are not a mere memento. Relics are the living Presence of Sri Aurobindo, imbued with the light and force of his lifelong sadhana, just as an atom contains an infinite power in itself — this is the truth behind the Relics. To always keep alive that truth and give due respect to it is what the Relics demand of us.

[Nirodbaran: Divinity’s Comrade, p. 216-217]

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