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At the Feet of The Mother

Truth, Harmony, Delight, pp. 324-325

Opening Remarks
It was a realm of Truth where Oneness expressed itself in thousand ways and each was in perfect harmony and delight with the whole.

Sure embrace
All struggle was turned to a sweet strife of love
In the harmonised circle of a sure embrace.

Even what seemed as a struggle and a wrestle was the sweet strife of love in a harmonious embrace. There was no suffering and strife since all was harmony and love.

Rich security to difference
Identity’s reconciling happiness gave
A rich security to difference.

The deep identity of each to the all provided a rich, secure base for the play of multiplicity and differences. The play of multiplicity did not lead to a loss of oneness. It rather enhanced the richness of each unit through all others.

Communality of the Absolute
On a meeting line of hazardous extremes
The game of games was played to its breaking-point,
Where through self-finding by divine self-loss
There leaps out unity’s supreme delight
Whose blissful undivided sweetness feels
A communality of the Absolute.

Even the extreme opposites, at the two poles of Existence united there, transformed and harmonious playing the great game of life to its ultimate pitch. Each element was the result of a divine self-loss and yet it was a discovery of some aspect or the other of the One Divine Being. Unity’s supreme delight was there whose blissful undivided sweetness felt all others as part of the grand and delightful commune of the Absolute.

No sob of suffering
There was no sob of suffering anywhere;
Experience ran from point to point of joy:
Bliss was the pure undying truth of things.

Since the worlds there were built upon oneness rather than on division, there was no sob of suffering there. All experiences multiplied delight in countless ways. There Bliss was the pure undying truth of all things.

Conscious front of God
All Nature was a conscious front of God:
A wisdom worked in all, self-moved, self-sure,
A plenitude of illimitable Light,
An authenticity of intuitive Truth,
A glory and passion of creative Force.

Here nature veils the Divine and works out the Divine Will in the conditions of Ignorance. There all Nature was conscious of her Lord even in its most outward aspects. Truth and Wisdom worked with a certitude beyond the grasp of mind. An illimitable Light, and authentic intuitive Truth, a glory and passion of creative Force worked there under the ever-watchful eyes of the supreme Wisdom. It is the original Supernature that has not yet suffered any diminution or fall.

Infallible, leaping from eternity,
The moment’s thought inspired the passing act.

Thought did not struggle with ignorance there but leaped infallible straight from eternity and inspired the act without there being a gap between knowledge and will.

Fathomless heart of Time
A word, a laughter, sprang from Silence’ breast,
A rhythm of Beauty in the calm of Space,
A knowledge in the fathomless heart of Time.

Word and laughter sprang from the breast of Silence with a rhythm of Beauty and burdened with the knowledge arising from the fathomless heart of Time. All there was beauty and harmony and bliss.

Closing Remarks
It was a land of supreme Truth and Harmony and Delight.

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