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At the Feet of The Mother

Trying to Share Their Wisdom with Others

The urge to communicate what one thinks to be the best for oneself may be a noble sentiment. However it should not be done with an evangelistic attitude of converting others to one’s belief in something. It is the natural tendency of our mind to want others to think like we do. Yet it is to be avoided for obvious reasons. There is a time and a season for everything. If we sow a seed in an unprepared soil or out of season then it does not bear the best fruits and flowers and may even fail. The right time for a person is when one starts seeking for something.

If someone asks if there is a higher purpose or if there is something greater than what we find in our spiritual traditions then it is alright to seize the moment and say what one is impelled to say in a state of benevolent compassion or else under the stress of inspiration. It is best not to plan these things because even when there is the seeking what applies to one person may not apply to another. The mind wants to make a standard format for everything but the ways of the Divine are much more flexible and vast.

As we grow, we discover that even the material universe is too immense for man to understand in all its details. And according to the spiritual view of things there are many such universes operating with different Time – Space continuum each with its own law and going further still there is the Creator, the Source, the Divine, that wonderful Splendour and Origin of all these countless universes and system of worlds. Who can speak of that Glory? Even what little we can speak is only due to the Grace.

We have to treasure each pearl of Wisdom we receive from their writings and convert these pearls into a garland of Truth by practicing whatever sincerely one can. Later if the Mother wants that one should communicate what he have read and lived then the means will be given to him/her. Until then it is best to read and quietly practice and leave others to their own ways.

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