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At the Feet of The Mother

Turning Attachment into Love

Widening means not limiting the love in our hearts to a few in whom the ego takes preferential interest based on likes and dislikes but to universalise it by making effort to see the Divine in all and appreciating the slightest divine gesture in everyone and everywhere. It naturally calls for a simultaneous refinement and purification, especially getting rid of all selfishness and meanness.

To love without expectations is only possible when we have opened to Her vast universal love within us. Initially one turns all emotions towards Her. Then one relates with all by pouring /sharing all one receives from Her. When the vital nature is not pure enough then the desire self tries to appropriate at least some of the love flooding through the psychic door. But slowly with growth of sincerity and Her Grace the mixture becomes less and less.

As to responsibility it has to be dealt with by constantly referring it all to Her and growing in the awareness that the manifold relations we are called upon to enter into and engage in this world are also part of Her service, works of love, and hence the Force of Love, the Lover is the Divine. The responsibility too, ultimately rests with the Divine. We should entrust all our various outer relations to Her.

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