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At the Feet of The Mother

Two Conversations with the Mother by Mona Sarkar

An offering for the Darshan Day of 24th April 2021.
Mona da reads the following conversations with the Mother: “The Luminous Gaze of The Supreme”, published in “The Supreme” (2000), pp. 88-97 (edited), and “Sri Aurobindo and Myself are the Same Consciousness”, published in “Blessings of the Grace” (2015), pp. 97-103.


(We begin with a prayer in French given by the Mother in August 1967)

“Seigneur Suprême,
Nous T’implorons:

Now, the English translation:

Supreme Lord,
We implore Thee:
Manifest Thyself!

Today, I will read out two portions from the many conversations which I had with the Mother over the years.

In the first one we see how the Mother’s Consciousness and Sri Aurobindo’s Consciousness are really One and the same Consciousness.

In the second conversation, the Mother speaks about Her gaze and we catch a glimpse of who She is.


(in 1951, I wrote to the Mother:)

Did You have any communications with Sri Aurobindo before You came to know Him? For I have read somewhere it is said that He and You have done almost the same work.

She replied:
The work was and is the same, because the source of his inspiration and mine is the same: the Supreme.

February 23, 1951


(Some years later, when I asked Her about Their work, She explained)
The work consists in helping humanity as a whole to prepare itself for the new creation, that is to say, the supramental race.

May 19, 1968


(One day I asked the Mother:)
Mother, … essentially You and Sri Aurobindo are one and the same, isn’t it?

She replied:
Yes, it is true, …

(and She wrote)
Essentially, that is to say, … outside the manifestation, always – in the manifestation, the union occurs when it is necessary and the duality exists when it is necessary.

(Then She explained to me the deeper meaning of what She had written.)
… Essentially we are truly one or the same, there is no difference. It is the same consciousness in two forms in the manifestation, to support one or the other. This division is necessary for the equilibrium in the creation; but outside the manifestation … there is no division, the unity is complete. It is One or the Unique – One Consciousness. And sometimes the unity is seen when it is necessary, even in the manifestation. When one opens oneself to this consciousness, one sees this unity. It is actually that…. It cannot be explained what it is. It can only be lived. It is by concentration and by remaining open that one can arrive at this experience. It is not something constructed by the mind. The mind has no access to this region. Go home and try to understand what it is. All is written there (in the notebook). I have given a suggestion… a hint of what it is. I have written here just what it is….
December 3, 1967


(When I saw the Mother the next time, She again spoke about what She had written)

You understand, outside the manifestation, all is One. There is no difference. It is the same thing, one consciousness, a perfect unity. We do not have a separate existence. But when we descend here below, it seems we have different forms, a separate existence, while being one when it is necessary. Sometimes he is united with me, being at the same time everywhere in the universe. He is here in me. He talks to me. He unites himself with me. And at times he is separate from me, and lives an existence separate from me. And at the same time, he is in me. But in appearance, he is different from me. It is a game that unfolds: once he unites with me and at another time he throws Himself in the manifestation. He is here (Mother indicates Her body), he is there, he is everywhere in the universe. He is in each thing that is found in the manifestation. Sometimes he manifests himself and sometimes he remains hidden and one does not see him anymore. It is in this way that he sustains the creation.

… You know, when he left,… when he wanted to leave his body, he remained from the 5th December till the 9th…. At that time, he was charged with an unimaginable consciousness. It was a dynamic activity of the consciousness which radiated from his body. It was so concrete, so physical that everything vibrated in him with an astonishing power. It was so physically concrete.… I was beside Sri Aurobindo at that time. And I was seeing that Sri Aurobindo’s consciousness was coming out from him and entering directly into me, like this, physically. It was an extraordinary phenomenon. I could feel his consciousness entering into my pores with a friction. It was as concrete as that. It was so intense that it was penetrating into me with a friction, something absolutely physical which I could feel outwardly. Like this, all his consciousness entered in me, because it is the same consciousness.

And he gave me everything before leaving. Everything, everything, without restraint and with a total self-giving, as if all his consciousness merged into me. And it continued for hours and hours. Ah, it was so material an event that one cannot imagine. I cannot describe it… he has left everything for me.

(Then the mother continued)
… He is everywhere. He is here in me, as well as everywhere in the world. He speaks with me. I ask him things and He replies. We have conversations and at the same time He speaks with others in different places when it is necessary. We decide the fate of the world and the destiny of humanity and all that will happen, what is necessary for the next stage. All this we decide. His presence is everywhere, wherever one needs him. Everywhere, everywhere.

December 10, 1967


… You know, when I look and concentrate intensely, it is no longer I who look but the Lord who looks through my eyes: then I do not see any outer appearance, any material thing, all disappears from my view except the soul of the things with which I communicate and that tells me everything in an instant. It is so clear, so precise, in a perfect perception, invari­able, spontaneous and true. In His vision I see pass in front of me the things which have no real similarity to the things I usually see. But it is real and seized by the Eternal Will. This look can arrest the course of events, change destiny with an unforseeable power, annihilate the forces which oppose, create what is necessary for the New Creation, and preserve what needs to be transformed to collaborate with the Divine.

This gaze is the gaze of the Supreme …

Well, you know, my eyes reflect the Soul, bring forth all the qualities of the soul in its divine purity. They are transparent and lucid, they radiate light and joy. They are filled with compassion and kindness, charged with a sweetness and a benevolence that spreads all around to bless and comfort creatures and men.

My child, if you can concentrate deeply into my eyes, then you will get all that you want to know, all that you want to comprehend, all that you want to realise, just by an intense concentration, just by the power of your will which expresses itself through your eyes. You can have all that you aspire for, all that you need. You can see the whole world in my eyes: the whole universe unfolds in my eyes, all that is beautiful in Nature as well as in the heavens. And you will not need to go here and there looking for the so-called attractions and revelations of this world. All is in me, and all expresses itself through me. Take the trouble to find me there (Mother points to the heart) and you will see everything, everything through my eyes….

My child, I am the Unknown that is unseizable, yet I consent to be seized; I am the Unknowable, yet men pretend to know me. I am the Infinite but I am constrained to limit myself in a physical body by time and space. I am the Eternal who has submitted itself to be bound in evolution. I am Immortality which awakes in its innumerable aspects that perish, in order to climb back towards the One, and which has consented to a birth, in order to suffer the terrestrial consequences. I am the Nihil where every­thing disappears; the Inconscience that denies my presence, yet each atom of this mass of ignorance palpitates with my consciousness. I am the Mystery – the great paradox which has begun to unveil the innate secrets of this divine manifestation in the terrestrial and cosmic evolution …

My child, I am the Cause, the great Creatrix from whom everything emanates. All that you can conceive of is created from me, by me and for me it exists. Nothing is which is not in me. You understand, it will take you hundreds of births to understand what I am. And yet I reveal myself to my devotees who love me; and still I shall remain unseizable …

My child, I do not reveal myself, neither do I declare nor show what I am. But I am the All-Powerful who has descended here below in a human body of flesh and bone, into the ignorance and inconscience, into a surrounding where no one recognises me, because nobody can, in order to raise up the world, the creatures and man towards a new level of this creation …

Do what I have assigned you to do. Work silently, and the goal becomes clearer, brighter and comes closer to you. Give yourself entirely to me …

My child, I will tell you one more secret because you want to know what is in my look. It is not that you have asked me, but the way you are wonder-struck by my look, seized, and lost in the consciousness that emerges from my look…. My child, I am the One – the Permanent who is ever awake; I was, I am and I shall be; nothing can surpass me, yet the self renews itself at each moment to discover and again surpass the Perma­nent that exists in itself. It is a game, an enigma for those who want to know. It is not to be understood and known; but it is a fact that faith alone can find. As I am in Him and He is in Me in a permanent way up there, there is no difference; but for the terrestrial manifestation, we have chosen to be divided in two separate physical bodies here below, to help one another in the terrestrial evolution. It was the only way to hasten the evolution. We are the One and the Unique, the Essence of all that exists, that marches forward towards the truth of Existence. Do not forget, for it is the plan of the Supreme. It is He who has formulated it. So He knows what He is doing. Here is something to change you completely. Look straight into my eyes and follow the road that is being traced before you. It is a visible trajectory, an infallible guide. Be conscious.

Do you know, my child, the thing that I do through my look, without announcing, without anyone being disturbed, sweetly, very gently, full of affection and sympathy? Wherever I have looked, I have planted an aspi­ration of the Transforming Force, I have sent a vibration of the Divine Consciousness, I have transmitted the power of an Eternal Joy, I have enveloped these beings and things with an Immutable Love. Wherever I have looked, everywhere, whatsoever I have seen or this gaze has fallen upon, wherever my eyes have glanced, or have grazed the unfathomable hori­zons, or caught a picturesque moment, or traversed the skies, the stars and the suns, or directed a concentration of the consciousness towards all that is gathered by this Eternal Look, I have sent a state, a substance of the Supramental Consciousness, that which does not perish but works incessantly to change the contents of these elements to the New Consciousness. This look is filled with Love, Light, Grace and Divine Compassion …

(Then I asked Her)
Mother, I would like to look, just go on looking and looking at You and never stop. Even though I concentrate, it does not tire me. Your look is so sweet and loving that I am attracted as if by a magnetic force.

You are right, my child. There is a magnetic power in my look and many other things besides that you cannot explain. My child. It is enough for today. If I speak more, you will not be able to digest.

Remember what I have told you. Take the trouble to find me. Follow the path that I have traced before you. Nothing is as important as this work. Nothing can be compared to this. Only the Divine. To find the Di­vine. This is life, this the aim, this the joy! To love the Divine so that He is always with you. Let it be Him who does all. He works with you. He strives with you. He guides you at every instant.

Au revoir, my child.
(I bow down at Her feet.)

(from ‘The Supreme’ p. 88-97; edited)

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.