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At the Feet of The Mother

Unfit for Yoga?

If the Divine were to judge then there would be no hope for anyone. Even the highest human goodness is almost always motivated by selfishness or for some personal gain, here or hereafter. Could there be any greater sin, if you want to use this word, than selfishness? Besides all our deeds are done in ignorance of the Divine Will thereby causing much misery in the world. Can there be any greater error, if error we may call it, then doing things not aligned to the Divine Will? Besides whom will She judge? Is not the entire universe Herself moving towards the intended Divine Perfection? So while it is good to note our insincerities and weaknesses and try to correct them by a steady application of our will, we must not mistake this need for developing sincerity into the sense of sin and forgiveness etc.

Here are a few words from the Mother Herself that give us hope as always:

“What value have our impulses and our desires, our anguish and our violence, our sufferings and our struggles, all these inner vicissitudes unduly dramatised by our unruly imagination—what value do they have before this great, this sublime and divine love bending over us from the innermost depths of our being, bearing with our weaknesses, rectifying our errors, healing our wounds, bathing our whole being with its regenerating streams?

For the inner Godhead never imposes herself, she neither demands nor threatens; she offers and gives herself, conceals and forgets herself in the heart of all beings and things; she never accuses, she neither judges nor curses nor condemns, but works unceasingly to perfect without constraint, to mend without reproach, to encourage without impatience, to enrich each one with all the wealth he can receive; she is the mother whose love bears fruit and nourishes, guards and protects, counsels and consoles; because she understands everything, she can endure everything, excuse and pardon everything, hope and prepare for everything; bearing everything within herself, she owns nothing that does not belong to all, and because she reigns over all, she is the servant of all; that is why all, great and small, who want to be kings with her and gods in her, become, like her, not despots but servitors among their brethren.” [The Mother: CWM 2: 42-43]


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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.