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At the Feet of The Mother

Union with the Divine and the True Individuality

The Divine expresses Himself in three terms of His self-existence, – the Immanent, Cosmic and Transcendent. As the Immanent Divine He enters into each individual existence to support and conduct the evolution of the individual soul in its journey through lives. As the Cosmic and Universal He supports and conducts the universal movement of the different systems of worlds and all creatures within them. As the Transcendent He exceeds both these and remains in His inalienable Freedom of Eternity and Infinity. If the goal was the complete annulment or cessation or dissolution of the individual in the cosmic or the Transcendent then there would be no need of creation at all except as a fanciful enormous but purposeless exuberance and expenditure of some mysterious Energy. But the real purpose of creation is to express and manifest the Divine through form and name and for this the individual is the last step.

It is through the individual that the infinity of God can manifest in numberless varied forms of His becomings. But the individual who is being referred to here is not the transient and temporary ego-individuality that develops and is dissolved in every life. Behind this outer ego individuality is the true individual, the divine individuality, the immortal soul within us. It is this that grows from life to life as the divine seed that eventually manifests the various divine possibilities inherent in it. As and when this happens the original plan and purpose of creation, of realising Unity in Diversity, ekoham bahushyam comes closer to realisation. Union with the Divine therefore can be used to annul the individual by vanishing in the Transcendence but it can equally be turned into a conscious manifestation of the Divine Will in creation through the individual soul that has found its union with the Divine.       

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