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At the Feet of The Mother

Vaccines – Yogic Perspectives (RE 099)

We look into different yogic perspectives on health and healing, including natural and stimulated immune response, as follow from numerous passages from Their writings on these subjects. The yogic views, in general, are not in favour of vaccines and over-medicating for benefits of survival, except in rare cases. But with vaccination, each one has to decide for oneself in this regard. If one is afraid of the illness it may perhaps be better to take the vaccine and be done with the fear. Also when the government regulations demand it for ease of living such as travel and work then there is hardly any choice.  Most human beings, especially the young who have been having at least a reasonably healthy lifestyle have enough robustness in their immune system to act as a preventive against most illnesses unless of course there is a diminished will to live, a serious co-morbidity, or a hereditary condition of the person or his/her close contacts.

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