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At the Feet of The Mother

Veiled Realities: Dates and the Combination of Numbers



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Something to say?

(This conversation took place on 12.6.66. During the course of the previous conversation Mother wanted to know on which day of the week 4.5.67 would fall. I give Mother the paper on which I had written: Thursday 4.5.67)

Oh, it is a Thursday! 4.5.67 falls on a Thursday.

Yes, Mother.

It is very well. It falls on a good day. It is good. Then I shall see you on that day. Come to see me at three o’clock, do you understand? (Mother writes on a piece of paper: “Mona at three o’clock”) I am keeping it here in my notebook for interviews. And next year it will be transferred to the new notebook, I shall write it down. It is quite in advance … you will remember?

Yes, Mother. (I give Her two more notes.)

That is my birthday in 1968, 21.2.68, and it is a Wednesday and this, a Thursday: 29.2.68. Well. I keep them both. It will be useful for me later. Well. I shall see you on these days, but it is not necessary to write it down now.

And you, are you all right? You know, I am not asking you if you are feeling better, or whether physically everything is all right or not, or whether everything is normal or not. All that, I know well; in fact, I know it better than you, because I see things that you cannot see. All that does not interest me; I know all those things very well. I know well what is happening in you, inwardly. But I want to know what you are capable of I want to know up to which level of consciousness you are aware, what you can retain. Or to which level of consciousness you have access. It is a question of what you are working on now and opening your consciousness to, so that you feel the effect. That is what I want to know from you when I ask you: “How are you?” I want to know what you are conscious of, how far you are able to assimilate in you the Force I am pouring constantly. That is what is important for me, and not what happened to you, or if you are feeling uneasy and so on. That is not what I am asking you.

I want to know really in which plane you are conscious of the work that is going on within you. You understand now why every day I ask you — it is to know your state of consciousness and the amount of progress you are making or what you are conscious of.

Mother, do the numbers 4.5.67 have an occult significance?

Occult, yes. (in a teasing tone) But that is quite common. 4.5.67… what can there be so special about it?

4.5.67 — it is a very rare combination, we do not often come across it. It exerts an extraordinary power on the earth-atmosphere, as for example to bring down something. Recently there was a very interesting combination. It was 6.6.66. Four sixes — this represents the complete square of the creation. Six is the number which represents creation. Four sixes — this is very rare. Such a date occurs only once in a century. Lately we had 5.5.55, and as for 7.7.77, when it will come — we do not know, it will be at least a long time for this combination to occur.

But 6.6.66 is very important. You know, the ancient cabalists used to say that God took six days to complete the creation of which the sixth day represents the Creation — and you know the others. And on the seventh day He rested — which is not true… for on the seventh day, after having completed the Creation, He stretched Himself in absolute realisation to see His work better. It is the eternal rest in an immobile and absolute realisation. That is why it was wrongly believed that it was a rest but it was the realisation of Himself that He had undertaken. The Supreme does not rest. It is a wrong notion. In truth, He plunged into Himself for other realisations, towards infinite progress. This will never end. It is for this that He always moves forward towards something new. For Him too there is something still to realise. That is how it is… it moves forward.

You see then, four sixes, it is very important, for that completes the square of creation. (Mother draws a square on the table with Her finger) On that day someone was born here — here, I mean someone who lives here with us in the Ashram. I am not speaking of other places — naturally, there were many who were born elsewhere — but for us what is important is that he was born here, in this atmosphere and specially on this date…. It is interesting — how these dates which have an occult significance influence the physical domains also.

Somebody else also had an experience on this day and, besides, it was at six in the evening. There is an additional six which makes five sixes — which is still more significant. I do not know where his letter is (Mother looks for it) and I do not remember exactly the experience he had. However…

4.5.67 — what does this signify? Do you know? Manifestation, Power, Creation, Realisation. Four is Manifestation, five is Power, six, Creation and seven, Realisation — quite a combination! This is what you must aspire for, what you must realise. You will see what it is. It will be a great day — something will descend… something… the beginning… (some words here were not audible) of the Divine.

Then there is 5.6.78 — no, first there is 7.7.77, but that also — it is very far.

No, Mother, it is only eleven years from now.

But for the combination 4.5.67 we have still to wait for the event…. And 5.6.78 — that too is a very important occasion.

But, Mother, there is still one very important date which You have left out — it is 21.2.78.

Oh, yes, that is my centenary. I will be a hundred, then; yes, in ‘78 I will be a hundred.

Yes, Mother, it is more important for us.

Yes, we shall see then what we can do. I shall be there to see what happens. It is an event in life to be present at a hundred and compare… yes, a hundred years, it is a long time….

And 5.6.78 — that too is an occasion. More than all that, there is the number 8 which represents a double manifestation or a double protection. Well, we shall see what it brings us.

(I give an offering in an envelope. Mother gives me back the empty envelope)

You can keep it, I do not need it. You can use it to send a letter. Or you can keep it, it will be useful to you.

But shall I take it without anything, Mother?

You want to fill it with something! What do you want, my child? What can I give you? A blessing?

Mother, something written by you.

(Mother chooses a card) Oh, well, this one is beautiful. It is a paper cut in the shape of a leaf. And it is well done, look. Isn’t it? So, I write down the date: 6.6.66 — my blessings. This date is over already, but it does not matter. Find out what it means and act accordingly. To accomplish the square of creation by realising it. It is well. I will see you on Sunday.

Au revoir.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.