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At the Feet of The Mother

Veiled Realities: The Palms


Bonjour! All right? (Mother smiles) What? Is it all right?… Fine?

Mother, you know whether everything is all right or not.

Yes, that I know; what I see, I know. It is all right on the whole, I know that, but what you feel, that you must tell me. What do you feel? Is it all right?

Yes, Mother, it is all right.

All right? What is all right? I have put something, did you feel it?

Yes, Mother.

All right, it is good.

But, Mother, I do not know what it is.

I do not know either (in a teasing tone)…. Well, I was seeing whether you were receptive… and I am satisfied with the result. It is all right…. And your knee, is it better? [1]

Yes, Mother, on the whole it is all right, but from time to time it hurts.

Ooh! Does it hurt when you are walking? But can you bend it and do all these movements? (Mother shows by bending Her arm)

Yes, Mother.

Then it hurts without any cause?

Yes, Mother, from time to time.

While walking?

Yes, Mother.

(In a teasing tone) Then, you must have caught rheumatism.

What, Mother?


I do not think so.

I do not either. Then it is all right.

Mother, the other day I had a dream. I came to You… and here, on the palm of my hand, You wrote “blessings” and put Your Signature.

(Mother looks at my hand with a magnifying glass) Yes, show me the other hand. This one is the right hand, isn’t it?

Yes, Mother.

Show me the other one. (Mother looks at both the hands together) It is all right. Well, you have good hands. And I had written “blessings” here?

And also Your Signature.


Yes, Mother.

You saw this during the night?

Yes, Mother…. Tell me, Mother, what did You see in my hands? (Mother smiles)

It is all right, you have good hands. It is good. You know, the hands show the material destiny. It is all right.

But what is good?

That was for me, not for you….

Mother, what kind of destiny does the forehead show?

I do not know.

But there are people who can read the destiny on the forehead.

Yes? That I do not know… do not know.

There was a man who could tell one’s destiny just by looking at one’s face. He used to say that it is written on the forehead.

I do not know. I have never heard of that. Maybe he had some visions and he could see the vital or the subtle physical….

Mother, this bump over here (the Mount of Venus at the base of the thumb) — what does it represent?

Ah! this is a very good thing. A real help for the yoga.

But, Mother, people tell me that it is bad, that it is the sexual force.

People know nothing and they are always talking nonsense. You should not listen to them. I tell you that it is very good. This energy which is within you, if you can turn it towards the spiritual goal, what would you not accomplish! No, it is very good.

But, tell me, Mother, what is there that is special.

That is my concern, it is not meant for increasing your pride and your ego. What I wanted to know, I know now.

But Mother, You knew that already.

Yes. It was only for confirmation, not for announcing.

Then what is the use if I do not know it?

Find it out yourself, and that is enough. I tell you that you have good hands. That is all. I am satisfied.

Mother, what are these lines that cut the life-line?

That is nothing.

But people say that they mean some serious illnesses or some attacks upon life.

Oh, no; these lines parallel to the life-line are always there, and they annul everything. Then, there is the mystic cross which protects.

Yes, Mother. (Mother shows another line on my palm)

It is the line of accomplishment.

Yes, Mother, it is said to be the success-line.

That is another way of saying it. There are different schools that say exactly the opposite.

It is Cheiro who says that. This one is the heart-line, this the head-line, the life-line, and this one is the success-line.

But there are others who say just the contrary. And it varies from school to school. And what does he say besides that?

He says that the left hand is the hand of birth, we are born with these lines. They show what we receive from our parents. It is hereditary. And this one, the right hand, is the hand of destiny, it shows the future, what will happen to us. The left hand is fixed, while the right hand changes. And for women, it is just the opposite.

No, no, it is the same thing for both men and women. It is true that this is the hand of destiny, the right hand. And it changes with the effort and yoga. Even the lines of the left hand change, what we have received from our parents, that with which we were born. Everything changes when one knows how to exert one’s will; and here (Mother refers to the Ashram) it does not indicate the truth. Here, it has no importance.

(Observing the Mother’s Palm) For You, Mother, this bump is so prominently marked (Jupiter at the base of the forefinger); it is the spiritual centre. And look how the heart-line enters the spiritual domain.

Yes, because the heart-line is under the spiritual influence.

And these three lines above — which join the heart-line?

In the books, they would have said this in another way. They would say that it is the influence of Mercury, or I do not know what. But I say that these three lines represent the mind, the vital and the physical which are dominated by the heart-line which is under the spiritual influence. This is the spiritual influence which governs the mind, the vital and the physical, with the heart-line completely under its influence.

And Your success-line, Mother, touches the mystic cross, and goes up to the spiritual centre. It is so big!

Yes, it is all this that I have accomplished by the spiritual force. You know, I have noticed a strange thing; it happened twice in my life. The lines and the marks that were on my hand were completely erased twice. And new lines appeared, distinct lines which did not correspond to those of the old hand. It was as if they belonged to someone else. They were so different. This has happened twice in my life, a complete metamorphosis of the hand, with absolutely new lines. As if it were a new birth. And the old ones completely erased. One would say that the hand belonged to someone else. All this was not here before — these lines that you see now are new ones, they appeared after the second time. And always there are some small changes. Constantly, for everybody, it changes a little. And for me, there was a radical change.

The Mother showing a mudra.

But here (in the Ashram), it is not the indicator. These lines show only the material destiny. And here, it is not always true, for there are other more sublime mighty powers which exert an influence upon our life. That is why the hand does not show the truth. When one does yoga, one can have an absolute control over the hand and one’s destiny.

And Mother, Your life-line goes down to the wrist, and these parallel lines that protect are always there, isn’t it?

Yes, in fact, materially it is like that; this is the result of the Ignorance, (Mother indicates Her body) where the destiny of man dominates, and usually it is marked on the hand. But for me, all this was erased and I am above, and destiny or Ignorance do not control anything. It is the Lord alone, — who is above all this, — who is guiding me. At each step, it is He who is commanding me. And I am not bound in any way by… how shall I say?… human ways governed by the Ignorance. If it is necessary for the work, I shall be there as long as He has need of me. It is not my own will nor anybody else’s will which is guiding me. I only execute what the Lord wants of me.

[1] My knee was operated upon about six months back.

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